Campus renewal and upgrades

Walford is currently undertaking an extensive campus renewal project, which promises to create contemporary learning spaces that boldly embrace the future while preserving our past.

Walford’s diverse array of intentionally designed indoor and outdoor learning environments are continually tailored to our students to provide optimal spaces for learning, teaching and wellbeing, from early learning to Year 12.

Our campus renewal projects exemplify our dedication to the ongoing innovation and development of our infrastructure, to ensure that we meet the demands of the dynamic world our students encounter. Our facilities work is future-focused while also upholding our cherished traditions.

Legacy Renewed: The Heart of Walford's Future

Situated in the core of Walford’s history for over 100 years, Mabel Jewell Baker House holds a significant place in our school’s story and forms the centre of the Heart of Walford precinct. ’Woodlyn House’, as it was originally known, was acquired by Miss Mabel Jewell Baker’s family in 1917 and then became the site of Walford School. The building has served various roles throughout Walford’s history, from principal’s residence to boarding house and hub for arts and learning.   

Architects' Impressions

We are excited to partner with Matthews Architects on our next project: the transformation of Mabel Jewell Baker House into modern learning spaces that honour the rich heritage and quiet elegance of this iconic building.

Our vision for the Mabel Jewell Baker House is to create contemporary learning spaces that embrace the future while preserving our past. Within the heritage façade, forward-thinking learning spaces utilising modern technologies have been designed to facilitate flexible learning, academic excellence, and collaboration, reflecting the needs of today’s students. 

The preserved charm of the original features will combine with abundant natural light and elegant finishes that elevate the entire space, and speak to its special history. Upstairs and downstairs, spaces extend to offer both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities, including the upstairs balcony of the new Jewell Pavilion, where students can let their imaginations soar while overlooking the Heart of Walford. 

‘Wait’ there is more

The redevelopment efforts will extend to include the renovation and refurbishment of the Wait Building. Key features of the upgraded building will include exciting visual arts facilities and modern Year 12 ‘common room’ spaces, reimagined for our independent Year 12 learners.


Stages 2 and 3 of the Heart of Walford – in progress

Stages 2 and 3 of the Heart of Walford are well underway. The Middle and Senior campus will be transformed, with new landscaping stretching to Helen Reid Hall, offering expansive open spaces for gatherings and quiet areas for study. A winding water feature will bring a touch of nature within our urban oasis, while the chapel garden will become a serene retreat.

This initiative promises enhanced outdoor learning environments and opportunities for students to foster personal connections with nature and essential social skills while developing their appreciation for the environment.

Recently Completed Projects

Heart of Walford - Stage 1

The completion of Stage 1 in 2022 marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey. Following the demolition of the original School Hall, which had stood for over a century, the space was revitalised into the Heart of Walford. This transformation brought new life to the landscape, restoring its former glory, and honouring the rich history of the site.

Junior School Playground

From late 2023 to early 2024, our Junior School playground underwent a wonderful transformation. Co-designed in collaboration with our Junior School students, Matthews Architects adapted our girls’ beautiful vision for a ‘wonderland’ and has brought to life the playground’s magical charm while intentionally including opportunities for the development of gross motor skills and upper body strength. Every corner of the whimsical space unveils surprises, from an oversized teacup and toadstools to ‘Alice’s Workshop’ that invites imagination and exploration. 

Moving Forward Together

Each redevelopment marks a significant chapter in the Walford story, and strengthens our capacity to meet the evolving needs of our students well into the future.

It is imperative that we move forward together, collectively ensuring Walford’s enduring success in fulfilling its mission of educating girls for generations to come.

This endeavour is only achievable through the strength and unity of our community. Moving forward together is not just a shared responsibility but also a testament to our collective commitment through the continued support and active participation of our entire Walford community.

Your generous contributions empower us to shape a brighter future for our school and the generations of students to come.

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If you haven’t visited the School in the last few years, you may be surprised by the changes that have taken place. We extend a warm invitation for you to come and see how we are adapting our grounds and facilities to meet the evolving needs of our students, and to ensure an outstanding education for generations of Walford girls.