Year 10 Curriculum

Students entering the Senior School have many options that cater to their interests and possible future career directions. A key feature of Year 10 involves students learning more about their individual strengths, talents and pathways. The curriculum continues to provide a broad background in the skills and knowledge that all students need for success at school and as they enter the wider world. Year 10 is the final year of the compulsory Australian Curriculum, in which all students continue their learning in English, Health and Physical Education, History, Mathematics and Science.

Core Year 10 subjects at Walford are:

Exploring Identities and Futures (Stage 1)
Health and Physical Education
History (one semester)
General Mathematics or Standard/Extension Mathematics

Mathematics courses in Year 10 cater very well for all students. Some Year 10 students will be ready for Stage 1 Mathematics, having already completed Year 10 Extension Mathematics in Year 9. Year 10 Standard Mathematics prepares students for all mathematics subjects in the SACE, keeping all mathematics options open. Year 10 General Mathematics includes a semester of Stage 1 Essential Mathematics, enabling students to complete the numeracy requirements of the SACE during Year 10.

Walford Year 10 students undertake the Stage 1 SACE subject Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF). Here, they learn more about themselves and their place in the world and are encouraged to explore and deepen their sense of belonging, identity and connections to the world around them. EIF prepares them for their SACE journey and the knowledge, skills and capabilities to be thriving learners. They take ownership of where their pathway leads, exploring interests, work and further learning.

They choose five semester electives linked to their skills and interests from The Arts, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Science and Technologies.

Many of these elective subjects include the possibility of linking with Stage 1 Integrated Learning, enabling students to gain SACE Credits in their Year 10 elective subjects.

Some students will choose Learning Support as an elective in each semester.

Due to the progress that students make in languages at Walford, students of Chinese (continuers) and French complete the Stage 1 course during Year 10, enabling them to commence Stage 2 Chinese or French when in Year 11.

As part of their Bespoke Pathway, Year 10 students who are ready for the challenge of early Stage 1 study may apply to do a variety of Stage 1 subjects, normally studied in Year 11. Options include:

The Arts  
Stage 1 Drama 
Stage 1 Visual Arts - Art 
Stage 1 Visual Arts - Design

Health and Physical Education 
Stage 1 Outdoor Education

Stage 1 Economics 
Stage 1 Geography 
Stage 1 Legal Studies 
Stage 1 Modern History

Stage 1 Biology

Business, Technology and Enterprise
Stage 1 Business Innovation 
Stage 1 Design, Technology and Engineering



You will design and build a ROV (remotely operated underwater vehicle) or a 3D Virtual Reality submarine living space using CAD software, 3D printing, laser cutting and VR technology. Work in a team to project manage the product and business development along with its branding and marketing. You will obtain sponsorship to fund the project and present the product and business at a trade display, including a verbal presentation for industry professionals. Roles in the team include Team Manager, Design Engineer, Resources Manager, Manufacturing Engineer and Graphics Designer. 


You will explore how your body responds to exercise by recording performance and wellness data to interpret and present for analysis and evaluation as an elite athlete. You will explore the psychological factors associated with participation and performance in sport and rehearse the mental skills required for peak sporting performance.