Introducing Walford's new uniform

The current Walford uniform has stood the test of time, having been last reviewed in 1979 and then introduced in 1982. Throughout Walford’s more than 130 year history, the colours of navy, white, pale blue and gold have endured as classic Walford colours.

Following the result of a community survey in 2023 where more than 70% of respondents thought the Walford academic uniform would benefit from review, and the improved clothing cuts and fabric technologies that have come a long way since the 1980s, it is an exciting time to redesign a uniform that will serve our girls and young women for generations to come.

The next Walford uniform is a culmination of archival and historical investigation, careful planning, community consultation and hours of thoughtful discussion with students, their families, alumnae, and uniform designers who have been engaging in the design of modern uniforms for outstanding Australian schools.

The Walford uniform is girl-centred, and has been shaped by student feedback pitched in recent years at the Festival of Ideas and offered during extensive consultation in 2023. Our girls questioned the appropriateness of ties. They requested choice in what they wear, comfortable fabrics, white shirts, darker dresses, and the option of a puffer jacket. Students, parents and old scholars all advocated for a unique uniform that is distinctly Walford.

Our aim has been to create a uniform intentionally designed to work as an all-seasons wardrobe, in which students select from a capsule collection of interchangeable items, with the blazer as the hero piece that draws the uniform together. This means fewer items for parents to purchase, and importantly, at any time of year, our students will be able to choose to wear uniform items that reflect their individual preferences, style, activities, and personal comfort.

The Journey

Creating our new uniform has been a collaborative process. It has been vitally important to us that the voices of our students, parents, and the wider community are heard and inform the final design.

Through extensive opportunities to provide feedback, our community’s insights helped to shape the final design, which meets the needs of our students for who they are today and tomorrow.

The designer

Walford has engaged  Noone, a leading Australian uniform design company, to present the initial concepts and work alongside the Walford community to design a uniform with our girls’ identities, wishes and identities as its foundation stone.

Led by Director, Michael Farrugia, General Manager, Melanie Whitling and Creative Designer, Courtney Hall, the team has worked through our community survey data and our uniform archives and history. As a result, they have drawn out the Walford original navy and heritage pale blue, as well as the historic gold, to design an early year's play-based uniform (which will be worn in the ELC and up to Year 2) and a whole-school academic uniform (for students in Years 3-12).

Noone has worked to redesign the uniform of several Eastern States schools, including Ruyton Girls’ School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College Melbourne, Lowther Hall, Barker College, Canberra Grammar School, Mentone Grammar School, and Caulfield Grammar School, as well as Immanuel College in Adelaide..

The New Uniform

Her Wardrobe, Her Way

Features of the new uniform:

  • Trans-seasonal mix and match capsule uniform; no more summer and winter uniforms.
  • Modern fabrics cut to suit different body types and personal preferences.
  • Future focussed design to ensure it remains in style and practical for many years to come.
  • Created as a community to ensure we understand and incorporate the needs of our students.
  • Reflects the School crest, colours, and heritage.
  • Uniquely identifies students who attend Walford Anglican School for Girls.
Our new Uniform Guidelines will be available soon.

Explore the range

ELC to Year 2

Students from early learning to Year 2 will enjoy the benefits of a play-based uniform designed to support students in their diverse and engaging activities. The flexible design facilitates active play, encourages inquiry, provides comfort and choice, and adapts to various weather conditions. Following the brand identity and design of the Years 3 to 12 uniform, it instils confidence as they proudly represent the Walford community.

Years 3- 12 Academic Uniform

The new uniform is a trans-seasonal mix and match capsule wardrobe collection. All items are worn all year, with the blazer as the outer garment.

Years 3-12 Physical Education Uniform

The Physical Education Uniform is an extension of the ELC - Year 2 play-based design. It has been created to support students with their active learning.

Sport Uniforms

The new range of competition uniforms offers a number of interchangeable items that can be worn across several sports.


Our House tops showcase the camaraderie, energy and competitive spirit that encapsulates the House system. They highlight the sense of belonging that every student experiences when she dons her colours for her House.

Supporters Gear

By wearing supporters' gear, families and old scholars can show their pride and strengthen connections with the School, enhancing the overall sense of unity and belonging.


2025: Transition Period Commences

From Term 1, students can wear either the current or new school uniform, but not a mixture of both. This ‘mixed mode’ option will be available for two years.

2027: Transition Complete

From Term 1, all students will have transitioned to wearing the new school uniform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Uniform Review Process

What is changing with the Walford Uniform?

The new Walford uniform (from 2025) will offer interchangeable pieces that work together to create an all-seasons wardrobe. Students can select from a capsule collection of items, with the blazer as the hero piece that draws the uniform together. This means, at any time of year, a student may choose to wear a dress, or a shirt with shorts, trousers, or skirt. They will not have to wear a summer uniform in Terms 1 and 4, and the winter uniform in Terms 2 and 3. Depending on the weather, they could layer their chosen option with knitwear, such as a pullover or cardigan, a pair of tights (if appropriate). The blazer remains the outer garment at all times.

How did the School decide what should be the new uniform?

The School engaged Noone, a leading Australian uniform designer, to present various concepts to the community to review. Noone worked through our community survey data and our uniform archives and history to develop a range of items that provide optimal design and comfort for each girl while still maintaining the historical and defining element of our Walford school colours and distinctive brand.

The School's students, staff, parents and old scholars engaged in an extensive consultation process, providing feedback at various points throughout the process. This was taken onboard by the designers, and together with the School, the designs were refined and developed.

Were students involved in this process?

All students were provided the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the process. The uniform is worn by them, so it is important to us that their thoughts and ideas influenced the development of a new uniform that allows them to feel comfortable, proud, and a true sense of belonging.

How long is the transition period between the current and new uniforms?

The transition period is two years. It begins at the start of Term 1, 2025 and concludes at the end of Term 4, 2026. In the lead-up to the full transition in January 2027, students may wear either the current uniform or the new uniform but not a mix of both on any given day.

All students will wear the new uniform from Term 1, 2027.

Will there be a new PE/Sports uniform?

The PE and sports uniforms have also been redesigned to complement the academic uniform. This is supported by 60% of parent respondents in the community survey completed in Term 1, 2023, who indicated a desire to see the sports uniform updated.

Transition period between old and new academic uniform

Will students still be able to buy the current school uniform items?

Yes. The Uniform Shop will have limited stock of the current school uniform. From Term 3, 2024, the current uniform will be sold at 50% of the retail price.

Additionally, second-hand uniform items can be purchased from the Uniform Shop upon request. 

Families wishing to sell their good quality second-hand uniforms can join the uniform buy swap or sell Facebook group run by our parent volunteers.

Which uniform should new students starting at Walford in 2025 wear?

New Walford students commencing from 2025 are encouraged to wear the new uniform. However, if they have existing uniform items or wish to purchase items from the old range, they may wear those items up until Term 4, 2026.

Are students allowed to wear their current uniform items with the new uniform items?

No. Students must either wear the current uniform or the new uniform - not a mix of both uniforms on any given day. For the current uniform, this includes following summer/winter uniform rules.

During the transition period, do all students need to wear the same uniform for their annual school photo day?

No, during the transition period, students can wear either the outgoing or new uniform. Special consideration will be given to the order of students in the photos to ensure an aesthetically pleasing look is captured.

What will happen to the old Walford uniform items once they can no longer be used?

Noone run a program whereby outdated uniforms can be used by less privileged communities overseas. They have a partnership with Rotary, “Donations in Kind”, whereby excess and obsolete uniforms are collected and distributed to less fortunate countries. Further information regarding the disposal of the old uniform will be provided to families.

Purchasing the new academic uniform

My daughter is in R-2. Will she have a formal academic uniform?

No. The new academic uniform for the early years (ELC to Year 2) is play based to allow for age-appropriate movement, comfort and play.

The new uniform seems to have a lot of items. Does a student need them all?

No, a student does not need all items. The uniform comes with the element of choice for students in Years 3 -12 and their families. The only compulsory outer garments of the uniform include the blazer (all year round), black school shoes and hat ( compulsory in Terms 1 and 4, optional in Terms 2 and 3). There are no compulsory garments for ELC to Year 2 students; families may choose from the range.

Apart from the compulsory items, items can be selected by the student at their discretion. The purpose of the all-seasons wardrobe is to encourage students to select items that they find comfortable, that suit their individual style and allow them the flexibility to wear a uniform that suits their daily learning.

Will the new uniform offer a specific summer and winter option?

The new uniform is an all-seasons uniform, so there will be no more ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ uniform. Students can wear a range of items through the year, or stick with one type of item.

For example, a girl may choose to wear the dress all year, or the shirt and trousers all year. All items are designed to work as a cohesive ‘look'.

Students can wear uniform items that they feel most comfortable in and that are appropriate to the weather or school activities on any given day. The blazer and hat will be the only mandatory purchases. Further information is available in our Uniform Guidelines.

Has the School considered the cost impact on families?

Yes, this has been at the forefront of the review. The School is conscious of the costs buying a school uniform places on parents and has taken a considered approach to implementing a generous transition period and when setting the price of each item.

The overall cost of the uniform will be mitigated as students from ELC to Year 2 will continue wearing their play-based uniform as their PE uniform in Year 3.

For students in Years 3-12, the cost of the uniform will depend on the number of pieces your daughter(s) wishes to have as part of her wardrobe.

A price list will be released towards the end of 2024.

Where can I purchase the new uniform?

The new uniform will be available exclusively at the Walford Uniform Shop.

Wearing the new uniform

How will I know what I can wear with the new uniform collection?

A complete guide to the new uniform collection will be made available soon.

What will the ‘formal uniform’ include for formal occasions?

The blazer will be the only compulsory formal item. In addition to the blazer, students can wear uniform items that they feel most comfortable in and that are appropriate to the weather or school activities on any given day.

During Terms 1 and 4, students who participate in a formal occasion outside of the School will also be required to wear their school hat.

What fabrics will the new uniform be made of?

Noone has embraced recycled plastic (PET) in its garments. For example, shorts and pants now feature 30% recycled PET plastic. After much testing, Noone’s technique of combining recycled plastic with virgin polyester, viscose and elastane, provides strength, low pilling, stretch and comfort required in a modern sustainable fabric. Noone also remains committed to natural fibres for their natural biodegradability, and uses Australian wool in its blazers, pullovers, vests, cardigans and pants.

The dress, skirt, and shorts are made out of 63% polyester 32% viscose and 3% spandex, to allow movement and comfort. The fabric is extremely soft and comfortable and is suitable for wear in all seasons. It is easy care, with the fabric needing little or no ironing.

Shirting is made from polycotton Oxford fabric which allows breathability and also minimal ironing. It is slightly thicker fabric to allow for modesty and comfort in all seasons.

Pullovers and cardigans are made from 80% new Merino wool and 20% nylon. The new innovative high twist yarn creates soft and comfortable garments that can be worn all year round without the itch and scratch of wool from years gone by. This garment is machine washable and can be tumble dried. We recommend this garment is spot cleaned and aired out in between washes.

Blazers are made from 90% wool with nylon and 2% stretch to allow for movement and comfort all year round. We recommend the blazer be spot cleaned and aired out during the school year then dry cleaned only once or twice per year.


Noone is registered with Ethical Clothing Australia, a program that maps a business’s Australian supply chain throughout design, pattern making, cut, make, trim and dispatch, including all value adding services.

This is done via annual compliance audits conducted through an agreement with the Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Union (the Union).

Noones’ major manufacturing partner is Trisco Pty Ltd in Indonesia. Established in 1997, Trisco is internationally recognised for providing the finest quality tailored apparel to companies like Qantas, Telstra, international companies such as Emirates, Singapore and American Airlines as well as Westpac and Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Noone is always conscious of overseas supply chains because the level of transparency in production is often difficult to audit. Trisco's supply chain is clear and unambiguous, with Noone staff visiting on a regular basis and audits regularly conducted.

When will I be able to see the new uniform collection?

The new uniform was officially launched in July 2024, ready for commencement in 2025. Samples can be viewed in the School Shop.

Are the shoes changing?

Students can continue wearing their black lace-up school shoes with their academic uniform. Students in the Junior School also have the option of wearing black sandals.

Predominately white standard sports shoes (non-light-up) should be worn with the PE uniform.

Design Questions

I like the light blue blazer but worry it will get really dirty.

The fabric composition of the 90% wool blazer makes it is a very durable clothing fabric that is easy to spot clean. Light colours such as this have been tried and tested in several schools across the country and they are wearing very well.

Tips and tricks for keeping your new blazer clean without having to dry clean it regularly.

The use of a damp sponge and light press on any stain or mark on your blazer will provide an easy cleaning solution. Additionally, simply airing wool blazers in a shaded environment will ensure perspiration smells dissipate without the need for continual dry cleaning. Dry cleaning should really only occur once or twice per year.

What about braids?

Braids remain unchanged and will be accommodated on the new blazer.

Have you considered the uniform colours and designs worn by other Adelaide schools?

The designers at Noone have considered both competitor colours and our Walford branding. Considerable attention has been given to the historical colour palette and uniform history of Walford during the research phase. It is important to us to strike a balance between remaining true to who we are as a School and maintaining differentiation from other education providers.

Why does the new design not include the Walford tartan?

Our community survey data, and our uniform archives have influenced the uniform designs. The current tartan used on the Walford winter skirt was launched as part of the last uniform redesign in 1982. Historically it has only been part of our 130-year history since this time. Feedback from the community survey regarding the tartan was also polarising.

How will Year 12 students be recognised in their final year?

For those wearing the new uniform, each Year 12 student will be invited to change the pocket on their blazer. The Year 12 pocket will include a gold embroidered crest instead of the standard navy blue embroidered crest.