The sisterhood among our past students forms the beating heart of the Walford spirit.

We deeply cherish the invaluable contributions our graduates bring to the table, not just for our current community, but also for the generations that come after them.

Our cherished old scholars stand as an inspiration within the Walford community, serving as influential role models and mentors. Their invaluable contributions and enduring presence enrich the fabric of our school's history and traditions, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences and lasting connections.

Celebrations and Events

Our vibrant network of women provides a supportive framework for old scholars throughout their lives.

From inspiring panel events and graduating year reunions to pudding and golf days, there are ample opportunities for old scholars to come together, celebrate shared experiences, and forge new connections.

As part of our commitment to lifelong learning and growth, old scholars are invited to contribute to the current school community through mentoring, speaking engagements, and support for scholarships. Your insights, experiences, and generosity play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Walford and empowering the next generation of students.

2024 Reunion Day

Walford School invites all milestone reunion groups (2019, 2014, 2004, 1994, 1984, 1974) to our Reunion Day on Saturday 21 September 2024.

Guests are invited to join us for refreshments, before enjoying a tour of the School grounds and reminiscing with friends.

Following the tour, each year level will have its own dedicated event organised by a year-level convenor. This will provide you with a chance to engage with just your classmates and relive those cherished moments that make your graduating class unique.

If you are interested in becoming a convenor, please email Angela Vlachos, Community Engagement Coordinator or call (08) 8272 6555.

Walford Old Scholars Association

The Walford Old Scholars’ Association (WOSA) is led by a dedicated group of women, and fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among past students.

Through annual events, fundraisers, and scholarships, the Association celebrates the enduring spirit of Walford and supports its ongoing mission.

The 2024/2025 Committee includes

Pia George (2006)


Anne Trengove (1988)

Vice President

Susan Pearce (1998)


Annabel Krantz (2006)


Annabel Hirst (1994)

Committee Member

Bianca Harms (1995)

Committee Member

Faye Wildman (1960)

Committee Member

Jade Harvey (2005)

Committee Member

Julia Sutherland (2002)

Committee Member


Support the next generation of old scholars

Walford is very grateful for the generous support of our old scholars who contribute to the Old Scholars Scholarship, awarded to a daughter of an old scholar.

To give to Walford scholarships and to see other opportunities to support the School, please view our Giving to Walford page for further information.

Stay in Touch

At Walford, each student’s educational journey is enriched by friendship, camaraderie, and personal growth.

As our graduates embark on new adventures, we eagerly await news of their achievements, milestones, and life experiences.

Regardless of your age and stage of life, we love to hear from old scholars and appreciate any opportunity to stay connected. Jewell, our biannual publication, serves as a platform for sharing the stories and accomplishments of our old scholars. Through its pages, we celebrate the diverse paths and successes of our alumni, highlighting their professional endeavours, family news, and significant milestones.

Update Your Details

To ensure ongoing communication and engagement, we encourage old scholars to update their contact details and preferences. By staying connected, you can remain informed about upcoming events, news, and opportunities to reconnect with the Walford community.

Connect with Us

To explore opportunities for involvement and learn more about the Walford Old Scholars’ Association, please email Angela Vlachos, Community Engagement Coordinator or call (08) 8272 6555.

Facebook: Walfordoldscholarsassociation
Instagram: walford_oldscholars

We encourage old scholars to include Walford in their prior education list on LinkedIn to expand their professional networks and connect directly with fellow past scholars.