Entering Junior School for the first time marks one of the most defining milestones of a young girl’s life.

Our Junior School girls develop a love of learning, a strong sense of self, and friendships that last a lifetime.

Walford's Junior School provides a transformative learning environment where young girls from Reception to Year 5* cultivate ownership of their education, foster meaningful relationships, and embrace diverse learning and experimental opportunities within a close-knit community.

It will give your daughter a new sense of ownership over her own learning, as she will benefit from a personally relevant curriculum and be empowered to embrace her unique talents and attributes.

*Year 6 will form part of Walford's Junior School from 2025.

With an emphasis on skills for the future, your daughter is encouraged to discover the lifelong tools required to solve problems, think creatively, take risks, collaborate, and be digitally literate.

Each day in the Junior School begins with a focus on wellbeing.

At Walford, wellbeing underpins all learning and permeates every aspect of school and life. With a focus on the development of social and emotional skills, students are supported to become agents of their own lives, leading to a strong sense of empowerment both within and beyond the school gates. Guided by dedicated teachers, our carefully crafted framework is responsive to the needs of each cohort and provides enriching opportunities for growth and learning.

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Beyond the Classroom

Your daughter will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of co-curricular activities and specialised sports coaching and participate in student clubs, academic competitions and music immersion programs.

Explore the Middle School

From 2025, Walford students will transition to the Middle School in Year 7.