Year 9 Curriculum

Students in Year 9 look for opportunities to exercise choice in their learning. In addition to common, compulsory subjects, they make choices about a variety of elective subjects.

Core subjects in Year 9 are:

Analyse This
Health and Physical Education
Her World Project

They develop their critical thinking skills in the subject ‘Analyse This’, where they explore current events, consider the impact of technologies such as AI and think about how they consume information. A culmination of their Middle School experience is ‘Her World Project’. Here, students are empowered to act on a cause they feel passionate about, apply the Walford Learning Principles and produce a truly personal and creative outcome.

They choose four semester electives linked to their skills and interests from The Arts, Humanities, Languages and Technologies.

Some students will have Learning Support as an elective in each semester.

Due to the progress that students make in languages at Walford, students of Chinese and French complete the Year 10 course during Year 9, enabling them to commence Stage 1 Chinese or French when in Year 10.

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One or two semesters

Learning Support lessons provide structured opportunities for you to receive help in a small group setting. The nature of the support will be according to your needs and will include input from subject teachers. You will need to meet criteria to be granted entry to this course.