Governance and leadership

Walford, like most other independent schools, has a Council of Governors that is responsible for the governance of the School.

The Walford Council collaborates with the Principal and her Executive Leadership Team to shape the School's ethos, values, and future directions.

Together, they set budgets, monitor external factors affecting the School, and oversee its operations. Monthly meetings assess school life, financial performance, and progress towards goals.

Staff presentations on educational matters and regular strategic plan reviews ensure alignment with educational trends, governance standards, and societal changes.

Members of the Governing Council

The Principal and Director of Finance and Corporate Services (also the Council Secretary) attend all council meetings as standing invitees.

School Leadership

Our dynamic and innovative staff are passionate advocates of the educational experience Walford provides to each student. They play a valuable role in supporting each girl to achieve her best, her way.

Key Staff

Charmaine Brooks

Director of ELC

Chelsea Skene

Head of Enrolments

Reverend Michael

School Chaplain

Sonya Carroll

Human Resources and Compliance Specialist