A student-centred vision

Grounded in our vision of being a flourishing, connected learning community, we strive to enable each student to achieve her best, and embrace her individual pathway.

At Walford, our vision for our students sets the direction for the School, while our values provide the guiding principles that govern our journey.

Together, they form the bedrock of our identity, shaping our culture, strategy, and impact on the world.


To develop compassionate and courageous women who live with meaning, purpose and principle.


To be a flourishing, connected learning community that enables each student to achieve her best, her way.

School Motto - Virtute et Veritate 'Moral Courage and Truth'



We are principled people who act with courage, authenticity, and integrity.


We are determined, hardworking agents of our own learning, committed to achieving our best.


We act with respect and compassion, embrace difference, foster inclusion, and contribute to community.


We are curious, open-minded, lifelong learners who see challenges as opportunities to grow.

Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is guided by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and holistic development for every student.

The Walford Anglican School for Girls 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, launched in the year of the School’s 130th birthday, outlines our strategic intent. This plan empowers us to synchronise our decisions, initiatives and opportunities with endeavours that propel our current and prospective students, as well as the School itself, towards flourishing and successful futures.

Strategic Pillars

Our commitment to empowering Walford girls is solidified through our four core strategic pillars.

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We foster Big Hearts by nurturing wellbeing, serving others and cultivating a connected, inclusive community.
We engage Bright Minds through future-ready learning and teaching and a culture of continuous improvement.
We develop Bespoke Pathways by facilitating voice, choice and a range of opportunities for excellence, personalised by and for each individual.
We build Bold Futures through sustainable, ethical and innovative leadership.