Walford’s teaching staff meticulously craft tailored learning opportunities to ensure each girl experiences education that enriches her life.

We nurture each girl’s unique path to success.

Together, we share a vision of educational entitlement for every girl that drives innovative curriculum objectives and results in programs specifically designed to make a meaningful impact on the lives each of our girls is destined to lead.

The School proudly offers a comprehensive and balanced education experience and will encourage your daughter to set her own direction through pathways including STEM, humanities, the Arts, design, health sciences, law and politics, global citizenship and languages, entrepreneurship, business and innovation.

Walford's wellbeing dogs were warmly welcomed into our school with much excitement and anticipation following a student suggestion at Walford’s Festival of Ideas.
Our Wellbeing dogs provide numerous emotional, psychological, and social benefits to students. Interacting with dogs can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and create a sense of comfort and safety. Our dogs help foster a positive school environment, encouraging social interactions and improving overall mental health. The staff member-owned dogs have undergone thorough assessments to ensure they are qualified for this special role, demonstrating calmness in crowds, politeness at doorways, and relaxation when patted by staff and students.

Walford Space and STEM Tour

Walford is the only girls school in South Australia to offer students an exclusive chance to explore NASA, and ignite their passion for space and STEM.

Students at Walford become agents of their own learning and engage in opportunities designed to provide girls and young women with the tools needed to think deeply, challenge their perspectives and engage purposefully in learning that is contemporary and relevant to the world in which they live.