Why we are a girls' school

Walford's commitment to single-sex education for girls is not just a tradition but a strategic response to the challenges faced by young women in today's world.

Walford is an all-girls school because it strongly believes in the transformative power of single-sex education for young women.

Rooted in a legacy that spans over 130 years, Walford has recognised the importance of providing a dedicated space where girls can thrive academically, socially, and personally.

The School's founders were trailblazers who understood the unique needs and challenges faced by young women, and established Walford with the vision of creating an environment tailored specifically to address those needs. Today, this strategic response remains, which is why we provide a safe, intentionally designed environment that equips our girls with the skills and mindset necessary to not only navigate but thrive beyond the School gates.

The 2023 United Nations' Gender Snapshot highlights concerning figures for girls and women globally. In the face of these challenges, Walford is at the forefront, providing a safe space that actively disrupts gender norms, encouraging girls to challenge societal expectations and pursue their ambitions fearlessly.

The benefits of an all-girls education at Walford

Cultivating Confidence

In all girls' settings, research shows that girls tend to act more adventurously compared to their co-educational counterparts. At Walford, this adventurous spirit is not only acknowledged but unapologetically encouraged. The School believes that by fostering this courage, girls can confidently navigate challenges and emerge as leaders in the fields of their choice.

Our girls are surrounded by capable and accomplished role models who demonstrate, firsthand, the possibilities and potential they can aspire to achieve.

At Walford, our girls learn early on, that their gender should not be a barrier to any role or pathway they choose to pursue.

Enduring Friendships

Walford prides itself on offering a challenging yet inclusive environment where girls not only excel academically but also form enduring friendships that last their lifetime. These friendships become a crucial support system, contributing to each student's personal growth and development.

Aspirational Spaces Designed for Confidence and Leadership

The intentional design of our school allows our students to express a sense of freedom to be themselves, building confidence in a safe environment while promoting leadership, ambition, and achievement – setting the stage for a future where girls confidently lead in all arenas.