Co-educational opportunities

At Walford, we promote opportunities for students to build their friendships and networks beyond the School gates.

Walford is proudly a girls’ school, because we know the important benefits of girls’ education. We also ensure that our students experience co-educational environments.

Intentional connections with boys’ and co-educational schools immerse Walford students in a range of world views and perspectives and prepare them to engage thoughtfully and confidently in a range of diverse contexts. These interactions help students build respectful relationships with their male peers, collaborate in and lead within mixed-gender groups, and to navigate social complexities.

In our Junior School, Year 3 and 4 girls participate in Environmental Science activities at Investigator College’s Currency Creek Campus, with reciprocal visits to Walford. We also share occasional excursions with St Peter’s College Junior School as part of our curriculum.

For Middle School students, Walford and St Peter’s College organise engaging mixed-group activities, fostering peer relationships across schools.

In the senior years, students partake in joint initiatives such as the Combined Musical, combined concerts, the Year 10 Co-educational Committee with St Peters College and Year 11 Relationships Day, in collaboration with four independent schools.

Walford and St Peter’s College are committed to working with Year 10 students through the establishment of a Co-Educational Committee. The aim of the committee is to leverage the strong ties between Walford and St Peter’s College, positioning students as leaders who will work collaboratively in co-designing initiatives that address an identified need within their cohorts and that serve a cause in connection with a charitable organisation. Planned initiatives will culminate in an event that Year 10 students across both schools are able to attend – providing additional opportunities for students to socialise and build a broad network of friendships.

Opportunities further extend through co-curricular activities and competitions such as Tournament of the Minds and da Vinci Decathlon, enriching each student's educational journey with diverse challenges and teamwork experiences.