Our Middle School supports each girl in exploring her identity as she develops her character and voice.

Each student is presented with increasing levels of choice and opportunities that allow them to explore their interest and passions.

For many girls, the Middle School years cement the foundations of their future as they find their voice, embark on new experiences, encounter hurdles, pose questions, negotiate social groups, and begin to form a picture of life beyond school.

To support each student as they explore their sense of self and develop their character, the Walford Middle School provides a carefully-designed environment of care and challenge, and a bridge between the primary and senior years of schooling.

Providing a seamless transition from Junior School into secondary schooling, the Walford Middle School focuses on curiosity, lifelong learning skills, and rich knowledge, as well as opportunities for service, leadership, and challenge by choice.

To assist students in cultivating their confidence, kindness, and courage in their choices, the ecosystem of the Middle School ensures that teachers and pastoral leaders are able to support, know and empower each girl, and work in partnership with her parents to help her achieve her best, her way.

Co-curricular Opportunities

For all our students, Walford is so much more than classrooms and lessons. Our co-curricular opportunities sit parallel to the formal academic curriculum and provides an environment in which students can explore their potential, and enrich their athletic, artistic, creative, intellectual and spiritual self both within and outside the classroom setting.

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Year 6 & 7 Leadership Academy

Learn more about our unique two-year leadership program designed to equip students with essential leadership skills and empower them to thrive.

Her Voice

Each phase of the Middle School journey is underpinned by the concept of Her Voice – a thread woven through both curriculum and pastoral care learning activities. This knits together her academic pursuits with key social and emotional developments relevant to each age and stage. By embracing her voice, students emerge from the Middle School having grown as a young person, ready to take on the challenges of her senior schooling years.