At Walford, our community is a source of strength, inspiration, and endless possibilities.

At the heart of our school lies a strong close-knit community made up of the collective contributions of our students, parents, staff, and old scholars.

Walford is more than a school. It is a vibrant, connected, caring community made up of our day, boarding and international students, families, staff, old scholars, and our broader society.

At Walford, we firmly believe that nurturing quality relationships is fundamental to fostering our close-knit community of care. It is through the authenticity and depth of these relationships that our distinctive character is shaped.

Participation in the Walford community goes beyond mere involvement – it represents a shared sense of belonging, connection, and purpose. By actively engaging in the life of our school and community, individuals contribute to a vibrant tapestry of experiences, relationships, and traditions that define the Walford experience and enrich the lives of all who are part of it.

We warmly welcome you, whether local or distant, to become active participants in our school community.

Ways to be involved

Parent-Teacher Association

Our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) plays a pivotal role in nurturing our community bonds. Through various events, volunteer opportunities, and parent engagement programs, families are invited to actively participate in shaping the Walford experience. From attending school performances and exhibitions to volunteering at fundraising events and parent education workshops, families contribute significantly to the vibrancy of our community.

Year Level Representatives

Our Year Level Representatives from ELC to Year 12 play a crucial role in fostering connections between families, and focus on strengthening the bonds in their daughters' year level by organising social events for both girls and their parents.

We welcome the support of all parents. Please email Angela Vlachos, Community Engagement Coordinator or call (08) 8272 6555 for more information on ways to contribute to our community.

Rowing Parent Committee

Walford has the most successful schoolgirl rowing program in South Australia. The Rowing Parent Committee actively fosters robust support and immense enthusiasm for both the crews and the regattas, while also organising fundraising initiatives to secure essential rowing equipment. In addition to offering invaluable support to rowers, the group fosters a sense of camaraderie among parents and families, enhancing the overall rowing experience.

Our vibrant, warm and welcoming community

Walford Grandparents’ Club

Walford grandparents are invited to join the Walford Grandies’ Club which recognises the important role of grandparents play in their granddaughters’ lives at Walford. Grandparents are a special part of the Walford community, and the School values their contribution and participation.

As a member of the Grandies’ Club, you will receive regular communication directly from the School, including the twice-yearly Jewell magazine, as well as invitations to community events.

To become a member of the Walford Grandies you are welcome to email Angela Vlachos, Community Engagement Coordinator or call (08) 8272 6555.


Walford always welcomes, not only parents, but also past scholars and grandparents to lend a hand throughout the year, even if it's just for one specific annual occasion or project. To volunteer at Walford, please email Angela Vlachos, Community Engagement Coordinator or call (08) 8272 6555.

Old Scholars' Association

Equally integral to our community fabric is the Walford Old Scholars’ Association (WOSA), which serves as a cherished link between past and present members of the Walford community. Providing avenues for alumni to reconnect with classmates, mentor current students, and contribute philanthropically to the School's ongoing success, the Association fosters a sense of continuity and camaraderie.

Learn more about Walford Old Scholars

Our community thrives on the dedication and commitment of these integral groups who work tirelessly to cultivate shared values, facilitate collaboration, and create opportunities for growth and enrichment. Through their collective efforts, we are inspired to achieve greater heights, celebrate our achievements, and embark on new adventures together.