At the end of each student's Walford journey they leave with the confidence ready to live the life they choose.

As each student enters the Senior School, they are now recognisable as a young woman who will soon take on the world.

The senior years at Walford empower students to be ‘world ready’ by providing diverse and tailored pathways so that each young woman can achieve her best, her way.

This is most important in the senior years, with each of our young women preparing for life beyond school by exploring personal interests, building on individual strengths, and identifying opportunities for ongoing development.

For every Walford girl, success is unique, and may look very different from that of her peers, which is why, more than ever, the focus is on supporting each student to map a personalised pathway that honours her strengths and enables her to set direction for herself.

Curated Just For Her

Each girl's experience in the Senior School is further enhanced by opportunities that have been meticulously created by our staff just for her.