The Walford Boarding House is a true home away from home where girls feel relaxed and comfortable so that they can thrive at school.

The concept of Walford boarding has set a benchmark for other boarding schools throughout Australia.

For over 100 years, boarders have enriched our school community with their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Whether they hail from regional South Australia or across the globe, our girls forge friendships that transcend borders and cultures. They bring with them a tapestry of traditions and perspectives that enrich the fabric of our community.

Walford Anglican School for Girls proudly stands as the only South Australian Boarding House to be named among the finalists in The Australian Education Awards 2024, an accolade that underscores the School’s commitment to excellence in education and transformative experiences for its students.

A supportive environment where each girl flourishes

Nestled within the Middle and Senior School campus, our Boarding House stands as a beacon of comfort and belonging, providing a supportive environment where girls flourish academically and personally. It offers unparalleled access to the School's amenities, allowing girls to enjoy facilities like tennis courts and lush grounds.

The modern facilities of our Boarding House set the standard for contemporary living and learning. Each room, whether shared or private, is equipped with an ensuite bathroom, providing privacy and comfort to our students. Cosy communal spaces foster a sense of camaraderie and relaxation, where bonds are forged through impromptu movie nights and shared meals at the Fig Tree Café. The girls also enjoy a fun-filled weekend activities program that caters to a wide range of interests, providing opportunities for the boarders to develop new skills, socialise and make the most of all that is on offer in Adelaide.

Our Boarding House radiates positivity and productivity

Younger students receive supervised homework sessions while older ones learn the value of independent study. Our dedicated staff maintain open lines of communication with teachers to promptly address any academic concerns, ensuring every girl receives the support she needs to thrive.

To honour our boarders' contribution to our community, we host opportunities for students to proudly share their heritage and traditions through assemblies and engaging activities. The girls also leverage their experience to support rural communities in need and those less fortunate.

We understand that parents play an integral role in their daughter's educational journey and recognise that the partnership between school and home is essential for each student's success and wellbeing.

We actively engage with parents to ensure they are informed and involved in their daughter's experiences at Walford. Through regular communication channels such as phone calls, emails, social media updates, and online meetings, we provide parents with insights into their daughter's academic progress, co-curricular activities, and overall wellbeing.