Year 10 Budding Poet Competition

Year 10 students study sonnets and then write their own as part of a competition to honour Old Scholar Eleanor Wells, from the Class of 1939. Her family continues to generously donate a cash prize in memory of Eleanor.

The sonnets are judged on the success of the 14-line sonnet structure, accurate use of iambic pentameter, language choice and of course, flair and engagement.

This year’s winner is Niamh. Students who received a Highly Commended were Emily W, Sophie, Diana, Laela, Annabelle F, and Sophia F.


Kerri Proctor
Head of English


Niamh’s sonnet

Forest of Grief

As I wandered through the forest deep,
The leaves above did whisper with a chill,
For sadness seemed to linger, and to keep
Mine heart in sorry, and crushed is my will.

The branches of the trees, so bare and stark,
A haunting beauty, yet so full of gloom,
Stood tall and silent in the misty dark,
And lingered like a foreboding doom.

The brook flowed with a gentle, mournful sound,
As if it too had felt the weight of grief,
It echoed with a sadness so profound,
And wept in sorrow, without any relief.

But in the calm and stillness, there lies hope,
A chance to heal, to find the strength to cope.