During the past term in Science lessons the Year 5 students have been fortunate enough to have Ms Caruso lead us in some specific investigations and demonstrations that have highlighted the properties of light. The lessons are an important part of the Year 5 Australian Curriculum Physical Sciences, where we identify sources of light, recognise that light travels in a straight path and describes how shadows are formed and light can be reflected and refracted.

These lessons take place in the Ellen Benham Science Centre, so students have access and use of specialised equipment, under the guidance of Ms Caruso and Mrs Zirkel.

So far, the girls have investigated the physical science of light using ray boxes to see how light travels and is transmitted and reflected. Students also observed a demonstration using a Helium-Neon laser.

Our investigations will continue this term with the aim of designing and creating our own personalised lamp, using our knowledge of light and its properties.

Kathrin Zirkel (Year 5 Teacher)
Maria Caruso (Head of Science)