The results of last term’s uniform survey are in. More than 70% of respondents think our academic uniform would benefit from review, and 60% of respondents think our sports uniform would benefit from review.

Aesthetics and practicality were the top two criteria valued by those who responded, reflected in one respondent’s comment that the uniform should be “stylish but practical”. Practicality was commented on as practical for washing, ironing and care, and also for activities such as play, movement, and to address sensory needs. One student commented that the uniform “could be more comfortable for girls that are all shapes and sizes, and more modern so girls don’t always have to sit with their legs crossed.” There were several suggestions made for options of shorts and culottes.

Lemon yellow shirts, PE shorts and itchy fabrics emerged through the survey comments as things respondent do not like about our uniform. Ties and tartan were divisive, with some in favour of these, and others not. The Walford crest and palette of Walford blues, including royal blue and pale blue, were commented on regularly as a positive aspect of the uniform.

Several people commented that they would prefer a ‘mix and match’ uniform that students could choose from regardless of term or season, allowing flexibility of student choice. Cost also came up, with the suggestion that a streamlined transeasonal wardrobe would allow parents to purchase fewer items. One parent commented that the uniform should be “a more modern reflection of what smartly dressed young women wear in everyday life” and another suggested that the uniform be “modern and empowering”.

Thank you to the 348 people who responded to the survey. These results mean that we will progress to a review of the school uniform. We will engage a supplier to work alongside us to review our uniform history and design possible options informed by tradition and ongoing community feedback. The process of design, prototyping and consultation will include the formation of a Uniform Review Committee and the use of focus groups to generate feedback along the way.

Our hope would be that a new uniform would be launched around Term 3 of 2024, with a staged rollout process for current students to begin from 2025.