As we continually review our communications as a school, we are moving towards using the Walford app as the one source of truth and information for our parent community. Newsletter items have been appearing both in the emailed Newsletter link, and on the ‘News’ section of the app.

This will be the last Newsletter emailed to our community. In future, parents will receive both News (Newsletter style items) and Notices (information specific to their groups, such as children’s year levels) through the app, on a rolling basis.

While the Walford app enables the school to send push notifications to your phone, the style and frequency of these notifications is up to you. For more information about how to configure your notifications preferences, see this helpdesk article.

The Junior School will additionally continue to use Seesaw for communications with families, which can also be accessed via the SeeSaw app. For more information on how to get this setup please see the Seesaw section under School Services within the Walford app.

We will additionally publish news and articles on the website on a News webpage, for community and public audiences.