On Monday 20 March the Junior School Swimming Carnival took place at Unley Pool.

Arabella Trengove, Junior School Sports Leader, welcomed the Junior School community.

Our Junior Primary classes started the day alongside Year 2-5 girls for House Cheers and a whole school warm up. Students broke into Junior Primary, Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5 cohorts to warm up safely.

Junior Primary classes engaged in a fun and active program that allowed them to participate in:

  • Specialist Swimming Lesson
  • A Novelty & Relay Experience
  • Specialist Art Lesson (water themed)
  • Bubble Play and Exploration

Whilst our keen Junior Primary girls enjoyed their stations, our Middle Primary students worked through 50m and 25m events. We were most proud of their ‘sportsgirlship’ and their ‘her best’ outlook. Students cheered on peers from both their house and others. It was wonderful to see the team energy culture of supporting others and having fun at the same time!

During our lunch break, we enjoyed some entertainment by staff, parents and our Year 5 students who nominated to participate in our inaugural ‘Biggest Splash Competition’. This was a true highlight for the students, staff, and parents alike. Congratulations to Jamie Bahnisch, Nathan Casserly, Laura Willows, Charlie Zammit and Amalia Karamalis who took out prizes for their expert participation in this event. Zara Brown and Phoebe Williams wittily commentated, which added to the atmosphere of the event.

We concluded the day with some new novelty events, that focused on team energy and spirit and our traditional House Cup event, which comprises of the fastest Freestyle swimmers from Year 4 & 5.

A special congratulations to Gordon House that successfully took out the highest points for the day. It was an incredibly close carnival, Fletcher, Murray, Prince Rayner, and Cleland followed closely behind. Well done to all houses for their wonderful efforts, energy, and positive mindset.

Finally, a special mention to all students that participated in supplying their ideas for our new ‘house cheers’. Audrey Casserly, Olivia Cirillo, Phoebe Williams, Colette Smith and Iliana D’Onise ‘s cheers were chosen respectively for the Gordon, Murray, Fletcher, Prince Rayner and Cleland House cheers. Impressively, Sabrina Malone also paired her entry with her own video clip and although her cheer wasn’t the final chosen piece, her wonderful effort needs to be noted. Amazing work Sabrina!

We would also like to mention Mr Paul Johnson and Mr Jamie Bahnisch who supported us with all our Junior School swimming trials, which made for an incredibly successful swimming program and carnival.

An extensive thank you to all involved in our 2023 Junior School Swimming Carnival. It was a special day for all! We look forward to next one!


Amy Delvins and Carrie Lamming
JS PE Teachers