Walford students have received excellent results in 2022 French language competitions. Year 7 students Charlotte, Indra, Shiny and Elri achieved the Prix du Jury (Jury Prize) in the South Australian French Teachers’ Association (SAFTA) 2022 Grand Concours de Poésie Récitée, a poetry recital competition. Two Junior School students were also awarded, with Summer receiving 2nd place in Reception, and Alice awarded Prix du Jury in the Years 1-2 group. In a competition requiring students to write a letter to the Président of SAFTA, we are pleased to share that Year 7 student Claudia had her letter selected as the best entry from Walford. In the Le Concours de l’Alliance Française d’Adélaïde, Lily, Freja and Agnès were awarded 1st place in Year 10, and Emily and Madeline were awarded 3rd place. In Year 11, students Tess, Samantha and Chloé achieved 1st place. Congratulations to all award winners – great effort!

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