It has been a busy semester in the HPE department; with some exciting curriculum offerings; including a new Community Coaching award, and a blue belt assessment in self-defence at year 10 and then PE week for all girls in year 6 – 11.

Community Coaching Award

Over a 5-week unit of work, the year 10s completed an online Community Coaching award, which provided them with the knowledge of how to connect with a diverse range of learners and deliver engaging lessons to maximise skill development.

The year 10’s were able to apply this theoretical knowledge and deliver practical lessons to the Junior School girls, from ELC up to year 5. It was inspiring to see the students take on this new initiative with such enthusiasm and rigour. The Junior school girls were engaged through obstacle courses, small-sided games, skill-based circuits, and the much-loved parachute. The connections the year 10s made with the Junior School girls was the most rewarding aspect of this new unit and something both ages appreciated and valued following the coaching sessions.

Self Defence

Another initiative introduced into year 10, was a blue belt assessment in self-defence. Self-defence helps to build confidence, and self-discipline, whilst building an awareness of personal safety, responsibility, and values. The year 10 girls were required to work at a high intensity across a period of 5 weeks, to learn a variety of skills including kicks and punches, sparring, random attacks, and a sequence of routines, that were assessed by an external provider: Golden Knights.

PE Week; November 14-18 (Week 5)

For the second year running PE week was celebrated in the middle and senior school. The week began with a visit from Wheelie Net, where students were given the opportunity to experience playing basketball confined to a wheelchair. Wheelie Net visits schools state-wide; raising awareness of wheelchair sports in South Australia, improving the understanding of people living with spinal cord injury, and encouraging participation.

The year 9 cohort visited the Adelaide Parklands and the disc golf course. Disc golf offers a unique challenge for individuals while providing an accessible and diverse recreational activity for local communities. Since the pandemic, disc golf has experienced significant growth in Australia, now with more than 70 courses across the country. Disc golf has similar rules to traditional golf, however players throw specifically designed frisbees from a tee area into an elevated target basket. The girl’s power and accuracy were tested as they completed the course in pairs, finishing the day with a putting competition. The girls experienced considerable success and developed a variety of new disc skills across the afternoon.

The year 7 and 8 girls challenged their hand-eye coordination and patience in a game of croquet. Working in pairs, the girls followed a sequence of hoops, with the aim of passing their coloured ball through the hoop, whilst trying to hit their opponent’s ball as far from the hoop as possible. The girls enjoyed the challenge of a new sport and working together as a team.

The highlight and culmination of PE week was the whole school Zumba; a cardio class inspired by Latin-American dance. Students had a sneak peak of what to expect, when they had a smaller scale Zumba class in their single pe lessons. By Friday’s class, the energy and excitement in the Sports Centre was contagious. Everyone’s mood was uplifted by a fast-paced, high intensity, sequence of dance moves.

Thank you to everyone who got involved in PE week, and a special mention to the PE staff who helped make this week happen!

Ms Heading
Head of Health and Physical Education