The Arts

A broad range of musical events and ensembles provides exceptional opportunities for girls to explore and grow their musical competence and participation. Our Arts program is designed to encourage students to participate as beginners in any activity of choice. Our musicians are able to be extended at the very highest of levels.

Vocal Ensembles

Vocal Ensembles

Junior Choir

This choir involves students in Year 2  and 3, and builds on skills from entry level participation. It is an introduction to choral skills and focuses on development of a choral program. Rehearsals occur after school.

Middle School Choir

The choral program extends students to refine their singing skills as a group. Students learn to sing in three parts and perform together. This choir is non-auditioned for Year 8 and 9 students.

Concert Choir

This choir involves students in Year 4 and 5. The choir rehearses before school. Girls develop further choral skills, including an introduction to harmony, having progressed from Junior Choir.

Intermediate Choir

This is a non-auditioned choir and involves students in Year 6 and 7. The choir rehearses before school. Students participate for the whole year and learn choral and musicianship skills to prepare for performance.

Senior Choir

Senior Choir is a non-auditioned choir that allows senior students (Years 10, 11, and 12) the opportunity to learn to sing and interact with others. Participation contributes to the IB Community, Activity, Service unit of work.

Chica Vocé

An auditioned choir, extending students in choral skills with challenging repertoire and regular performance. The choir rehearses before school and during a lunch period. Students in Chica Vocé are also expected to participate in the appropriate year level choir.


An auditioned choir, extending students in choral skills and performance. ChanterElle is a close group of girls who share a love of singing from various genres and perform challenging repertoire. Guest presenters are invited to workshop with the choir. The choir rehearses before school and at lunch period. Students in ChanterElle are expected to participate in the appropriate year level choir. ChanterElle can be used by students when selecting SACE and IB subjects in Year 11 and 12.

This group of girls are exemplary ambassadors for the School when attending out of school events due to the calibre of their singing and their excellent presentation.

String Ensembles

Junior String Ensemble

The Junior String Ensemble is a direct outcome of the Year 2 Curriculum String Program, and gives students the opportunity to play in an entry level ensemble. Participation provides students with the opportunity to perform in front of their peers in a non- threatening environment, which builds confidence for further progression in musical abilities.

Senior String Orchestra

The Senior String Orchestra displays playing at AMEB Grade 3/4 level and performance. Participation can qualify as a SACE and IB ensemble performance unit. Students are auditioned for a position in this orchestra.

Intermediate String Orchestra

Students in this ensemble are an AMEB Grade 2 level and above. Students participate and perform in a group with similar standard string  players and perform at school events and the ABODA competition.

Junior String Orchestra

This orchestra provides a great opportunity for the girls to participate and perform in a group of similar standard string players. They perform at the String Concert and ABODA.

Senior String Quartet / Quintet

The Senior String Quartet and Quintet are small auditioned chamber ensembles for students who are highly accomplished in playing their instrument. The ensembles perform at numerous events throughout the year including award ceremonies, annual strings concert and assemblies.

ABODA Band & Orchestra Festival

A highlight for students in our Junior, Middle  and Senior Schools is the ABODA Band and Orchestra Festival. Each year, Walford enters 10 ensembles into this local festival. The three stage bands, three concerts bands and three string orchestras prepare their chosen repertoire and the set work to play for adjudicators who are specialists in their area. Students enjoy the challenges of preparing for this festival each year.

Generations in Jazz

This event is a national festival that takes place in Mt Gambier each year. High school students from more than 100 schools compete in the Stage Band Awards and Vocal Ensemble Awards. There are daily concerts that take place in the big top pavilion. The competition day has many venues dotted around the paddocks of ‘The Barn’ to allow more than 5,000 students to perform their jazz charts. Walford embraces this wonderful weekend by entering our 3 Big Bands and one vocal ensemble into this outstanding event.

Bands and Orchestras

Big Band 1

Big Band 1 displays a high level of playing and performance. Participation can qualify as a SACE unit. Students are auditioned for a place in Big Band 1. Rehearsals take place before school, with sectionals held during a lunchtime. Students in this band must also participate in a Concert Band or other ensemble.

Big Band 2

Students must participate in a Concert Band to participate in this ensemble. Big Band 2 provides the students with an intermediate level training environment. This ensemble caters to students who are playing beyond entry level and not yet advanced to Big Band 1 level. There are a limited number of positions available.

Big Band 3

Big Band 3 provides students with a training environment for entry into the Big Band 2 when ready. Students have the opportunity to play music in the jazz style, along with similar genres. Skills in improvisation are introduced. Students in this band must also participate in a Concert Band.

Jazz Combo

Students work alongside other students, developing their improvisation skills with an instrumental tutor. Participation is by invitation only.

Intermediate Concert Band

Students are invited to audition for the band after consultation with their instrumental teachers and the conductor of the Concert Band. The Intermediate Concert Band rehearses before school each week for the entire year. Students participate in the annual Ensemble Concert and ABODA competitions in Term 3 each year.

Senior Concert Band

Senior Concert Band offers students an opportunity to play, rehearse and perform within a high level ensemble. Students are auditioned for a position in this band. Rehearsal occurs before school. Participation can qualify as a SACE unit.

Concert Band

This is a training concert band open to students at beginner level. This ensemble provides entry level students with the opportunity to play with others and build their skills for the upper level bands in the School.

Senior Orchestra

Senior Orchestra is for the most advanced students who play an orchestral instrument. Participation in this orchestra is by invitation.

Music Tuition

Students can enrol in private music lessons across a wide variety of instruments.




(alto, tenor, baritone)


French Horn






Double Bass

Electric Bass

Classical Guitar

Electric Guitar





Music Theory

Performing Arts

Walford offers a range of Performing Arts options for students each year. Opportunities that are offered vary each year. These may include a Showcase production involving Walford students from Years 7 to 12, a combined Musical Production with St Peter’s College or a Walford Musical Production.

These productions focus on developing students’ performing skills in singing, dancing and acting. There are also opportunities for students to be involved in backstage activities such as costuming, audio and visual.

Guest Artist Ross Irwin Visits Walford

Madagascar - A Musical Adventure JR.