Strategic Direction

Walford’s 130 year anniversary in 2023 will be a time for celebration. Whilst we continue to value the journey of courageous women who pioneered the early years of our School, so much has changed since Miss Adamson founded Walford in her family home in 1893.

Our Journey to 130 is the current plan we are implementing as we continue to progress and thrive in a rapidly changing and at times, uncertain environment.


Walford Anglican School for Girls empowers young women to participate with confidence, courage and compassion in our world by inspiring a lifelong love for learning.


  • Faith, joy and appreciation of life and learning
  • Respect and inclusion of all manner of diversity
  • Courage and integrity to be one’s self and to make a difference
  • Love, care and compassion for ourselves, others and the environment
  • Responsibility and justice for one’s conduct and endeavour, and for each other

Wellbeing, Care & Connection

We intend to:

Grow the capabilities, confidence and agency to live balanced and fulfilling lives in an increasingly complex world.

We will do this by:

  • Ensuring the School wellbeing support structures are responsive in meeting the wellbeing needs of students.
  • Encouraging old scholars to be active in supporting the personal and professional growth of students.
  • Reviewing leadership roles across the school to support the growth of agency.
  • Co-creating the wellbeing program with our students.
  • Introducing signature leadership programs that empower girls and young women at various stages of their development.
  • Reinvigorating the Co- Curricular Program
  • Revising the service learning and community outreach program of the School.

Learning & Teaching

We intend to:

Be a learning community that strives for excellence in leading, teaching and learning, instilling a love of learning that will be lifelong.

We will do this by:

  • Exploring new ways of designing challenging curriculum and pedagogy to ignite curiosity, thinking and engagement.
  • Reviewing the Junior School foundational skills program so that the literacy and numeracy development of students is deliberate, targeted and aligned with best practice.
  • Personalising the mapping of pathways so that all students, including the highly able, are encouraged to participate in programs that will help them develop their potential.
  • Articulating a Walford learner profile and accompanying portfolio that follows students through the school and can be used for future employment and tertiary entry.

Professional Excellence

We intend to:

Attract, develop and retain professionals who are innovative and excel in their practice and who, in doing so, inspire others.

We will do this by:

  • Ensuring the Performance Development framework provides feedback and opportunities for staff to develop and grow their professional expertise.
  • Increasing staff use of student achievement and satisfaction data when analysing practice.
  • Growing our partnerships with universities and industry to support the professional learning program of the School.

Communication & Engagement

We intend to:

Strengthen relationships within and beyond our community and grow the advocacy of Walford.

We will do this by:

  • Developing digital communications including videography to convey thought leadership and share ideas.
  • Revising our digital platforms including the website to provide ease of access, communications and promotion of the School.
  • Telling the Walford story as we share and celebrate our past, our current achievements and our future.
  • Celebrating our milestone anniversary of 130 years in 2023.


We intend to:

Remain fiscally responsible and apply sustainable practices to protect the future of our School.

We will do this by:

  • Nurturing and extending a culture of philanthropy to support the education of girls.
  • Establishing a scholarship fund through the foundation to enable the gift of a Walford education.
  • Promoting a culture of technological innovation to create business efficiencies.
  • Working towards the next stage of the Capital Development plan.

The Heart of Walford

Walford is excited to announce that a new Studio Theatre, specifically designed for our talented Drama students, will be built within the Helen Reid Hall complex. This will create a Performing Arts Centre, all in the one location. The Studio Theatre will have state-of-the-art facilities and provide seating for small productions, as well as concerts and performances for audiences up to 150 people. With drama relocated, we can finally say goodbye to the Old Hall. That space will then be opened up as a beautiful outdoor oasis, The Heart of Walford. Landscaped gardens, paved walkways with seating and trees accented by decorative lighting will be featured, for the enjoyment of our students and Walford community. It is a project that has been long awaited and the result will be a new look Walford.

Completed Developments

Parks Pavilion and Playing Field

Situated at the intersection of Unley Road and Cross Road, a short walk from the School, the playing field is used for girls’ sport as well as the Junior School Sports Day and community events. The new pavilion provides attractive catering and restroom facilities as well as an undercover viewing platform for cheering spectators and generous equipment storage.

Design & Technology Centre

The students and staff love this innovative space that encourages creative learning and problem solving. The new design within an historic home, has created spaces for classroom teaching and individual projects as well as exhibition zones. The original features of the villa, such as the original timber floors and high pressed metal ceilings, add an aesthetic to the new purpose.

Ellen Benham Science Centre

Five state-of-the-art laboratories have been renovated as bright and modern flexible working spaces that inspire innovation, critical thinking and collaboration. Digital televisions are in each room, along with projectors and whiteboards. The Chemistry laboratory, named to honour Old Scholar, Elizabeth Cleland MSc, is fitted with six moveable fume extractors, VR goggles, 3D printers and drones. Science is fun and rewarding, and students thrive on the joy of discovery.

Reed House

The Junior School campus is enhanced by Reed House, an elegant, heritage villa that was purchased by the School in 1957. Recently renovated, with many of the original features restored, the building accommodates the Head of Junior School and staff room, as well as a music teaching/rehearsal room and art room.