Principal - Dr Deborah Netolicky

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to the exceptional community that is Walford Anglican School for Girls: an environment in which each student is seen, heard, known, and supported to carve out a pathway to achieve her best, her way. Walford students are confident, capable, and compassionate. They become world-ready young women who are curious global learners, reflective thinkers, warm collaborators, accomplished communicators, compelling leaders, and makers of positive change. Walford’s Council of Governors, staff, parents, friends, and alumnae are role models for, and great supporters of, our students.

Our Anglican identity anchors us in our values as an inclusive place of excellence, character, and service. Each girl is treasured for her unique gifts and talents, and celebrated for who she is and who she is becoming. The School’s motto of Virtute et Veritate, Courage and Truth, reminds us to temper bravery with knowledge and wisdom, and to balance courage with self-awareness and humility.

The Walford campus, nestled in the City of Unley, retains the sense of closeness of the family home of our inspiring founding principal, Lydia Adamson, who established the School in 1893. Walford’s warmth, groundedness, and care can be felt throughout its futures-focused facilities, welcoming spaces, and beautiful gardens. Students benefit from learning, business, and service opportunities offered by the School’s proximity to Adelaide’s city centre. The Walford Sports Centre, Parks Playing Field and Pavilion, and Walford’s West Lakes Boatshed, provide a range of outstanding sporting facilities for students to enjoy.

Research shows that girls’ education has positive impacts for girls and young women. Benefits range from better mental health, more confident sense of self, and greater life satisfaction, to higher academic results, and greater participation and success in subjects such as advanced mathematics, science, and robotics. As a girls’ school designed intentionally for girls and young women, gendered assumptions and pressures are stripped away, allowing our students to thrive. Female leadership, voice, ambition, and achievement are normalised. Throughout their journey at Walford, students take on leadership roles.

Our students have the undivided attention of our dedicated and outstanding staff, and enjoy limitless opportunities for growth. Academic excellence is nurtured in traditional disciplines, and students are offered opportunities in exciting elective subjects, entrepreneurship, design thinking, STEM, the Arts, Sports, athlete development, our signature mentoring program, and more. Many opportunities and partnerships are shaped through meaningful consultation with students themselves.

As we celebrate 130 years of Walford in 2023, we acknowledge that the School has more than a century of history of leading the way in girls’ education, and of developing remarkable women who embody and action the change they want to see in the world. Today we continue to build on the School’s foundation stone of entrepreneurial spirit, deep service, bold action, and close-knit community.

I invite you to come and experience the Walford difference.


Dr Deborah Netolicky

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