Parent Connect

Each year a variety of guests are invited to Walford to speak to a range of topics that are of interest to parents at various ages and stages of children’s development.

Workshops, Webinars and Speakers

Through a series of speakers, workshops, activities and learning initiatives, Walford Parent Connect provides a forum in which parents and caregivers can feel supported throughout their experiences of raising children. Some of these sessions are held at the School as workshops and others are shared as a webinar so that families can participate from their home.


Walford Parent Connect has conducted very popular webinars by well known authors and specialists. Lucia Madonna, author of the book Ten-Ager, shared advice gathered from her extensive research about navigating the challenges of the new teen years for girls. Madhavi Nawana Parker, Managing Director of Positive Minds Australia, has led several sessions for staff and families about the social and emotional development of young girls. Psychologist, Hayley Lokan’s webinar topic, Managing the Stress of Lockdown, provided practical advice for families working together from home, so that they could thrive, rather than just survive!


Walford Parent Connect seeks to provide topics that are of interest to families at the different stages of development of our young community.

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