French Language Activation Program

Studies highlight that today’s graduates will be more mobile than any generation before them. The ability to speak a second language fluently will enrich our population’s ability to interact and communicate cross-culturally, as well as provide enhanced job prospects across all career fields.

The French Language Journey

At Walford, students commence their second language studies in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) through the Ella language program. This continues through the Junior School where all students undertake studies in French. French Language study continues in the Middle School along with Chinese which is introduced in Year 6. Both French and Chinese are studied in Years 6 and 7, whilst in Year 8, students will select their preferred language to continue through Middle School. The third language of Spanish is available from Year 10.

Differentiated Enrichment Opportunities

Walford’s uniquely tailored French program is offered in recognition of the increasing number of students seeking enrolment with a prior background in French Language, either as a second or first language. The French Language Activation Program is designed to cater to a variety of proficiency levels and is delivered by proficient first language speakers. We are the first school in South Australia to offer both the Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Francaise (DELF) and the Diplome d’Approfondi en Langue Francaise (DALF), as well as the International Baccalaureate French High Level course, providing differentiated enrichment opportunities and a complete immersion experience for French Language learners.

Pictured: Year 9 French language students Chloé and Emily, who recently sat DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) examinations. Emily sat the DELF A1 examination and Chloé completed the DELF A2 examination, which is usually offered in Year 10. Both girls achieved excellent results!

An essential component of any contemporary curriculum is a rigorous Languages program. Today’s graduates will be more globally mobile than any generation before them. An ability to embrace and understand cultures other than their own will enable our young people to truly harness all that the world will offer them in the future.

Teacher Profiles

Marlene Jarema

BA Dip Ed University of Adelaide
Languages Coordinator R-12

An experienced and passionate languages educator, Marlene has the privilege of teaching French to Walford girls.

“Learning another language is so much more than learning words and grammar. It is appreciating how others view the world and ‘walking around in their shoes’. It is universally recognized that people take on a different persona when communicating in another language as they adopt that cultural understanding and perspective. Learning French at Walford enables our girls to be excellent communicators with a broad cultural understanding. French is spoken by around 300 million people world-wide and Walford graduates are well-placed internationally with their SACE or IB qualification in French.”

Clémence Schmitt

Licence d’anglais – Université de Nancy II
Dip Ed – University of Adelaide
Teacher of French Language

Clémence was born in Metz, France and following her move to Australia she became a teacher at Walford in 2011. Clémence is an experienced senior teacher of SACE and IB French, and a member of several committees and panels at the SACE Board. She has also authored supporting documents for Stage 1 and 2 French teachers to access on the SACE website.

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