House Spirit

When your daughter joins Walford, she will become a member of a House, a community within our community that will nurture her, connect her with friends and mentors and inspire her competitive spirit.

The Five Houses

There are five Houses at Walford: Cleland (Green), Gordon (Blue), Fletcher (Red), Murray (Yellow) and Prince Rayner (Purple/White), named after significant old scholars who were trailblazers of their time. Each House comes together once a week to build community connection and to plan for the array of events and competitions taking place during the school year. Whether it be the Athletics Carnival, House Glee, Swimming Carnival or House Dinners, you can be sure that your whole family will be swept up in the camaraderie, energy and competitive spirit that encapsulates the House system and cultivates the sense of belonging that every student experiences when she dons her colours for House.

Lifelong Connection

Students at Walford have a deep and abiding connection with their House. For daughters and relatives of old scholars, the connection is even more significant as new students are placed in the House of past family members ensuring that the tradition of competitive House spirit continues across future generations. Your daughter’s connection to her House will remain long after she has left the School gates.



Jean Gordon was a student who excelled in sport and leadership. Jean was a talented cricketer, tennis and hockey player and she won the first trophy for tennis singles in the Girls Secondary Schools Tennis Association in 1917. Gordon’s motto is Dum Vigils Tutus – While I watch I am safe.


Cleland is named in honour of the Cleland sisters. Elizabeth was an exemplary Walford student from 1920-1927. She was the School Captain and Captain of Hockey. In 1935, she graduated with a Master of Science, the second Walford old scholar to do so and only the fourth at Adelaide University. Margaret Cleland was Walford’s first graduate in Medicine and the first South Australian woman to become a member of the Royal College of Physicians in London. Cleland’s motto is Virtue sola Nobilitat – Moral courage alone enables. 


Fletcher’s motto is Alte Pete – Aim High. The Fletcher sisters exemplified the House motto through their achievements as Walford students. Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher had been a friend of Walford’s founder, Lydia Adamson, and so the School’s association with the Fletcher family had been enduring. In 1918, Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher presented a prize for leadership and service to the School and this prize is still presented at Speech Day today and is known as The Mrs Fletcher Prize.

Prince Rayner

Prince Rayner is named in honour of the contribution of Archbishop Rayner with the colour purple, and the Prince family with the colour white. Originally two Houses, Rayner and Prince, they combined in recent years to form Prince Rayner with the colours of purple and white. Joyce Prince had been a student at Walford in 1915 and was was head Prefect in 1921. The Rayner House motto is Beauties eat Dare Quad Recipere It is more blessed to give than receive. The Prince House motto, Laborare est Oraree – To Labour is to Pray. 


Murray House was named to honour Jean Murray, who became the first Walford student to graduate with a Bachelor of Science and then, in 1931, the first girl at the University to achieve her Master of Science. Murray’s motto is Placeam Dum Peream – Let me find favour as long as I live.

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