School fees

Each year, Walford aims to ensure tuition fees are competitive and that our educational offering remains strong and sustainable.

The Walford Fee Schedule highlights the annual tuition fees and fixed charges that support anticipated curriculum and student services costs, including but not limited to school camps, incursions and excursions, most co-curricular activities, subject-related resources and materials, library resources and the IT infrastructure that enhances your child's learning.

The Fees Schedule should be read in conjunction with the Fees and Charges and Enrolment Acceptance Terms and Conditions.

Walford Scholarships

Walford offers a range of scholarships annually. We encourage you to discover how one of our scholarships can play a pivotal role in your daughter's education.

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Fee Concessions

We understand the financial commitments families undertake to provide a Walford education for their children. To ease this burden and foster inclusivity, we offer a range of fee concessions designed to make our exceptional educational opportunities more accessible.

Mid-Year Reception

Walford is pleased to offer six terms of tuition for the price of four to students who enrol in the Mid-Year Reception intake commencing in 2024-2026*.

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Sibling Rebates

Children attending the School concurrently or attending the ELC with siblings attending the School concurrently, are entitled to the following discounts on the tuition fee component only:

  • 10% for the second child in your family
  • 20% for the third child
  • 30% for the fourth child

Anglican Single-Sex Schools’ Sibling Discount

The School offers an annual sibling discount to girls whose brothers attend St Peter’s College.
(Not applicable to the Early Learning Centre)

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