Council of Governors

Walford, like most other independent schools, has a Council of Governors which is responsible for the governance of the School.

The Council appoints the Principal who is responsible for the management of the School. The Council, working closely with the Principal and her executive team, determines the nature and values of the School, and future developments. It is responsible for determining the annual budget and monitoring external changes that may have an impact on the School.

The Council meets monthly during the school year to review the life of the School, review performance against budget, monitor progress against annual targets, receive information and determine actions.

During the year School staff present to Council information on specific educational topics. The Council regularly reviews the strategic plan in relation to future plans for the School, national and international trends in education and school governance, economic and social issues and government policy.

The members of the Council of Governors are:

  • Mr Peter Hastings (Chair)
  • Mr Matt Johnson (Deputy Chair)
  • Mrs Jane Brooks
  • Ms Kathryn Presser
  • Mr John Rawson
  • A/Prof Elizabeth Thompson
  • The Rev’d Canon Jenny Wilson
  • Ms Dena Vassallo
  • Dr Deborah Netolicky (Principal)
  • Ms Nancy Johnson (Secretary/Director of Finance and Corporate Services)