Walford Braids and Excellence Badges

The awarding of Braids and Badges has been a long-standing tradition at Walford recognising student involvement in co-curricular activities. The braids, worn on the sleeve of the blazer, and the badges, on the lapel, are a visible acknowledgement of a students’ dedication, commitment and achievement.

Honour and Tradition

Braids are given for all co-curricular activities where students represent the school in competition and/or performance and where ongoing participation is required during the school year. Students become eligible for braids following three and six years of ongoing participation in a co-curricular activity.

Excellence badges are awarded across a range of Sports and Music activities to recognise high achievement. Badges are awarded to members of first division teams and to members of Big Band 1, ChanterElle, Senior Concert Band and Senior String Orchestra.

Students value the honour and tradition associated with this merit system and they wear their braids proudly.

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