Middle School – Years 6-9

Middle school is an exciting time in your daughter’s education. It’s here where she’ll shape her attitudes, values and beliefs about the world. It’s where she’ll develop Her Voice.

Walford Middle School offers the secure bridge your daughter needs between her primary and secondary years. We’ll foster her big heart, encourage her bright mind and help her develop her own learning pathway so she’s ready for her bold future.

With individual learning pathways and support for gifted learners, Walford Middle School will give your daughter the confidence she needs to take on the challenges of her senior school education.

Walford will create opportunities for her to choose from exciting electives with real-life applications, and diverse co-curricular activities, so she develops a healthy sense of self and love of learning.

2024 and 2025 enrolments for Years 6 and 7 now open.


Encouraging her to ask questions and be inquisitive about the world and her place within it.


Helping her foster a strong sense of who she is and where she can make a positive difference.


Nurturing her capabilities in stimulating and inclusive ways so she can reach her full potential.


Supporting her to follow her interests and passions so she embraces the gifts that make her unique.


Developing her confidence and resilience so she can be brave and stand up for what’s right and true.

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