Apple BYOD Program

BYOD Recommendations

If your current device can run the current operating system (iPadOS 16 or macOS 13) you probably don’t need a new device, the below are recommendations if you either don’t currently have a device or your device does not support the latest OS.


If you are unsure if your current device is suitable please contact the IT Department who will be able to assist you.


This year to make the device purchase experience easier for parents we have partnered with Computer Depot who are a local business and have created an online form to order a new device, which can be accessed via this link.


All devices ordered via the form will be delivered to the school and the IT Department will contact you to arrange a personalised setup session for your new device.


Please note that you are NOT required to order via this form but it maybe more convenient for you, if you decide not to use the online form you can still book a personalised setup session using the link here.


Reception – Year 5 – School Provided iPad


The school will provide students in Reception to Year 5 an iPad for use in class, this is managed by the school and no additional setup is required. If you have any questions about the use of the iPad in class time please contact your class teacher.

Year 6 – 7 – Choice of iPad or Laptop


10.9-Inch iPadAir WiFi 256GB

Students are required to purchase a case with their iPad. While we do not require you to purchase a specific case we do recommend the following cases as they provide good levels of protection and functionality.


STM Dux Range

Logitech Slim Keyboard Case

Year 8 – 12 – Laptop


Standard Laptop 

MacBook Air 13″ M2 8GB RAM 256GB SSD


Creative Arts (eg Music, Design Tech etc)

MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro 8GB RAM 512GB SSD


Due to the greater focus on digital content in the creative arts we recommend a higher spec machine for anyone studying these subjects. This machine offers the additional power for the more complex software required for these subjects.


While we do not require you to purchase a cover for you laptop we do recommend it, below are some good options that you may want to consider.


InCase Hardshell for MacBook Pro


Current Devices


Please note the above devices are recommended for anyone needing to purchase a device now. If you already have an Apple device and it is capable of running the latest OS (either iOS 16 for iPad or macOS 13) your device may already meet our requirements.


If you are unsure that your current device meets our minimum requirements, please feel free to contact the IT Department who will be happy to assist you.




All students in Years 6 -12 are required to bring their own set of headphones, however we do NOT allow wireless headphones for classroom use as these can get lost and difficult to use in a large group with many devices at once.


The type of headphones is entirely a personal choice, however students must not use noise cancelling headphones for safety reasons. We recommend purchasing a standard set of headphones that can be used exclusively for school work and should remain at school.


All other accessories are optional. If you would like any advice on additional accessories you would like to purchase please contact the IT Department




The school will provide Microsoft Office and the Adobe suites for student devices, we do have some other required software however this is software is free of charge. For more information about installing the required software for school please see this link.


Backup and Document Storage


Students are responsible for the backup of their own device and we recommend using Microsoft OneDrive to backup your important documents, this is provided free of charge for students.


We also recommend using iCloud to store and backup personal files including photos, this is the preferred method to backup your iPad or iPhone.


Setup and Additional information


We have created some handy guide to help you get up and running as quick as possible, please see the link below to our self-help guides.


For more information about setting up your device please see the links below.



If you still need help setting up your device we offer personalised help and setup sessions throughout the year. At these sessions we will cover the setup process and provide further information about the following services.


  • Printing and Internet Access
  • Family Sharing
  • Cloud Services
  • ScreenTime
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Cloud


New student and parent accounts will be created on the 5th of January after this time students will have access to email and other school resources. Any current students will have access throughout the holiday period.


You can book your setup session using this link.


If you have any questions about the technology requirements at Walford please contact the IT Department.


Kyle Heading
IT Operations Manager
P: 08 8291 3156

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