Academic Excellence and Endeavour Awards

Academic Excellence and Endeavour Awards are received by students at the end of each semester at Walford following the summative reporting period. These awards recognise high achievement across academic subjects and within the approaches to learning undertaken in classes.

Recognising Academic Merit and Endeavour

Research, especially that undertaken by Carol Dweck, clearly shows that the development of a growth mindset can have a positive impact on academic outcomes. Put simply, a growth mindset is a self-belief that individuals can influence their own outcomes through hard work and perseverance. Further to this, grit, or a person’s ability to keep going despite setbacks, develops resilience and academic buoyancy, which in turn helps young people establish positive habits for life.

Walford’s well established practices of recognising academic merit and endeavour are designed to impact positively on individual learning behaviours, encouraging and nurturing lifelong learning and fulfillment in the pursuit of academic goals.

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