I was honoured to visit Her Excellency, the Governor Frances Adamson, at Government House this week. It was wonderful to talk with her about the lasting impact of her Walford education and the ways in which it prepared her for her incredible journey.

Walford students and alumnae are people of action, intellect, and service – all things that have shone in the past fortnight since my last newsletter article. Year 7s have enjoyed camp at Hindmarsh Island in beautiful weather. The Lent Campaign’s fundraising for the GO Foundation has included events including the St Peter’s College versus Walford netball match, and today’s Staff versus Students debate. These are events that are for a good cause, are good fun, and showcase the talents of our young people. Both Head of the River and the Junior School Swimming Carnival were examples of our students showing their discipline, grit, support for one another, team solidarity, and Walford community spirit. These events also showed the dedication and support provided by staff and Old Scholars to our students.

I am looking forward to tonight’s PTA picnic, celebrating 130 years of family and community spirit in The Heart of Walford.

School Values refreshed

Following a process of generation, analysis and consultation, our refreshed School values are decided.

The process began with each Junior School class and Middle and Senior School Mentor group working together in WEB (Wellbeing, Engagement and Belonging) time to explore ‘values’ and to nominate three values they felt important for the School. Staff were also invited to submit three values.

The Executive Leadership Team worked to synthesise and group into categories the values nominated by students and staff. Four categories emerged, leading to a voting process on two options each for a total of four final values. Voting involved students and staff placing heart stickers on their preferred values.

The four School values decided upon through this process are:

  • Courage

We are principled people who act with courage, authenticity, and integrity.

  • Commitment

We are determined, hardworking agents of our own learning, committed to achieving our best. 

  • Community

We act with respect and compassion, embrace difference, foster inclusion, and contribute to community.

  • Growth

We are curious, open-minded, lifelong learners who see challenges as opportunities to grow.

These values align with our Motto and Learning Principles, as well as our 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, to be launched in Term 2. We look forward to embedding them across all we do and say in the daily life of our School.

Staffing news

I am pleased to announce that the School has recently appointed the following staff.

  • Reverend Michael Lane, our new School Chaplain who students met officially at this week’s Middle and Senior School assembly.
  • Ms Leah Taylor, our new Human Resources and Compliance Specialist, joining the School towards the end of term.
  • Ms Jazlin Andrae, in the Boarding House.

Due to the planned leave of Ms Kathryn Allan and Ms Yvonne Colsey during Term 2, the planned leave of Ms Karen Toms for Week 10 of Term 1 and Week 1 of Term 2, and the resignations of Ms Mayra Franco and Ms Roxanne Russo effective from the end of Term 1, the following teachers will be joining us in Term 2.

  • Mr Gabriel Azpilcueta will take Ms Franco’s Spanish and EALD classes.
  • Mrs Wendy Dowd will take Ms Franco’s Year 12 Theory of Knowledge (TOK).
  • Mr Duncan Fairweather will take Ms Franco’s Year 11 Research Project for the remainder of the year and Ms Yvonne Colsey’s 11F Mentor group for Term 2.
  • Ms Emma Gibson will take some of Ms Roxanne Russo’s classes, and some of Ms Kathryn Allan’s Term 2 classes during her leave, including the 11M Mentor group.
  • Ms Janet Kiosses will take Ms Karen Toms’s classes during Week 10 of Term 1 and Week 1 of Term 2.
  • Ms Lauren Rulfs will take some of Ms Kathryn Allan’s Science classes during Term 2.

Additionally, the following current staff will take on additional roles.

  • Mr Sam Bartram has taken on Ms Russo’s Year 12 Biology.
  • Ms Belinda Della-lacovo has begun an additional role as International Student Support Teacher
  • Mrs Adele Harty will become 12M mentor.
  • Ms Kellie Mackereth will teach Ms Yvonne Colsey’s Year 9.1 and 9.2 Philosophy and Thinking during Term 2.
  • Ms Madeleine McGowan will take 10F Mentor group from Term 2.
  • Ms Tabitha Noble will take Ms Yvonne Colsey’s Year 10 PLP during Term 2.
  • Ms Lisa Pothoven has begun teaching Mr Bartram’s 11 Research Project.
  • Ms Alice Speirs will take Ms Yvonne Colsey’s 9.3 Philosophy and Thinking during Term 2.
  • Ms Abbie Thomas will take Ms Yvonne Colsey’s Year 11 Integrated Learning during Term 2.
  • Ms Madeleine Watson will be Acting Head of Fletcher House while Ms Yvonne Colsey is on leave in Term 2.
  • Ms Georgie West will take Mrs Hore’s Year 12 Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) from Term 2.
  • Mr Charlie Zammit will take Ms Yvonne Colsey’s Year 10 Learning support during Term 2.
  • Ms Alice Speirs will take Ms Mayra Franco’s 9.3 Philosophy and Thinking during Term 2.

Parents and caregivers of students affected have been notified about specific teacher changes.

During Term 2, Heads of Middle and Senior School will take oversight of the WEB program for Years 6-12. For the remainder of the year Director of Learning and Teaching, Mr Brian Parsons, will take on coordination of our Year 12 IB students and their courses.

Uniform survey – closing 5 April.

A reminder to please contribute your feedback to the uniform survey, if you have not already done so. The survey will close at 4pm on Wednesday 5 April


Dr Deborah Netolicky