At Walford Anglican School for Girls we offer more than 20 sporting programs across the Junior, Middle and Senior School to provide multiple entry points into a range of sports, enabling girls to develop mastery across a range of sporting disciplines. The model for Sport at Walford is based upon the pillars of Character, Commitment, Community and Energy. These extend across all our sporting programs to promote a positive culture, creating the ideal environment for students to thrive in their sporting endeavours.

We have the drive to always want to be better in every aspect of our participation in sport, wanting to explore every opportunity to learn, and be courageous with everything we do. Students have the opportunity to excel in sport through participation, coaching and leadership – developing themselves as stewards of their chosen pursuits in order to be the best they can be. We aim to create a supportive and engaging environment for our students to participate in, enabling all who participate to connect positively with others, develop the skills and dispositions involved with teamwork and gain a strong sense of belonging. We bring fun, enthusiasm, and passion whenever we step onto the court, run out on to the field or head out on the water.

Please follow the link to find the new Sport and Coaching Brochure and learn more about Walford Sport –


Jamie Bahnisch
Head of Sport and Coaching