Winter Uniform 

It is a requirement for all students to wear winter uniform from the start of Term 2.

The School Shop is not open during the term break so now is the time to organise your student’s winter uniform needs. Appointments are not necessary, but please do not leave it any longer.

Students on the Senior Campus are welcome to visit the shop during recess and lunch times to be fitted and make purchases via cash, card, Flexischools or over the phone.

Parents are of course welcome to meet students at the shop during the day or attend before or after school.


Junior School students require a Winter Pinafore, Sky Blue Blouse, Grey Socks and Tights.
Years 6-10 students require a Winter Skirt, Yellow Blouse, Tie, Grey Socks and Tights.
Year 11 students wear the Yellow Blouse Term 2 and swap to the White Blouse Term 3.
New student leaders will need to purchase a leadership tie once announced.
Year 12 students wear the White blouse Terms 2 and 3.

Pants – Navy pinstripe Walford pants are an optional item for both Junior and Senior students, providing an alternative to the skirt/tunic during the cold weather.  A limited number of pants are available in each size so come in early to avoid disappointment.

Other optional items available from the school shop for winter include navy knitted gloves and compact navy umbrella.

Winter Sport

All students may optionally purchase Walford Trackpants and Sports Jacket.

We will be introducing a new style of Sport Jacket this winter so please be patient as these will not be arriving until later in Term 2. An announcement will be made when they are available for purchase.

Co-Curricular Sport – Years 7 to 12

Students playing Soccer, Hockey and Badminton will require a Competition polo top.
Hockey players will also require a sport Skort.
For Hockey and Soccer students, the School Shop stocks the following items:
– Blue Skins Socks
– Mouldable Mouthguards at 2 price points $25 and $35 dependent on features.

Football players will need to purchase the football set.
Netball players in Years 7-10 are now able to purchase the new Netball Tunic
Senior squad Netball Teams will continue to wear the current Walford Netball Tunic.

Term Break

The School Shop will close 5.00pm on Thursday 6 April and resume normal operating hours Monday 24 April.

Term Open Hours

Monday and Wednesday   8.00am – 1.30pm
Tuesday and Thursday      12.30pm – 5.00pm
Fridays – Closed


Lisa Burner
School Shop Manager