Walford Cricket has continued again in 2023 after seeing its reintroduction as an IGSSA Sport in 2021. Currently our Senior Team has moved up into the A Grade competition after an undefeated season last term in the Senior B competition. This team has once again seen further growth of the sport amongst our students in Years 7 – 12. Our Senior Cricketers play in a T16 format which includes a hard ball and full protective equipment. In the Junior School, we have again seen strong numbers this term which includes a Year 3/4 side and two Year 5/6 sides. These programs are focussed more on the introduction of Cricket where students will begin using some protective equipment, softer cricket balls, and a reduced format aimed to keep the match short, sharp and fun for all participants. We look forward to seeing these programs continue to grow and if interested, please be in contact with Jamie Bahnisch, Head of Sport and Coaching, as we still have several matches left in Term 1.


Jamie Bahnisch
Head of Sport and Coaching