Congratulations to the following students who took part in MathsCraft during Semester 2 last year. The girls will be given their certificates in class. In MathsCraft the girls looked at investigating problems by spotting patterns, posing their own questions, and then explaining their thinking. Lessons were full of excitement!

Their work was assessed by mathematicians who awarded levels of Budding, Competent and Proficient MathsCrafters.

In 2022:

Year 2: Mie-Xi Tam – Budding

Year 3:
Harriet Watson – Budding

Year 4:

Hanzhi Yi – Budding
Phoebe Williams – Budding
Nina Griffith – Budding
Mae Sherbon – Budding
Arabella Trengove – Budding
Abbie Smith – Budding
Ava Giles – Budding
Isabelle Dickson – Budding

Year 5:
Sofia Pathi – Competent
Ruby Silvers – Budding
Leila Thomas – Competent
Ishleen Kaur – Competent
Grace Appleford – Budding
Eleanor Bass – Budding
Alexandra Chong – Competent

Year 6:
Vedika Parwal – Competent
Sophie Pritchard – Budding
Sophia Liu-Kan – Competent
Larasati Dudley – Budding
Harriet Edwards – Competent
Amara Davis – Competent


Ms Deb Woodard-Knight
Maths Teacher