Wombat Books run an annual Illustration Challenge inviting students across Australia to submit illustrations for a Children’s book written by one of their authors. The Challenge has been established to provide apprising young illustrators with the opportunity to be professionally published and gain an insight into the world of illustrating. Students aged 5 to 18 can select a page from the story they would like to illustrate and are able to use any media to create their design. Wombat Books collate the entries and publish the collaborative book with selected children’s illustrations. The 2021 challenge has just been published, which asked students to illustrate a book titled ‘Screen Free Holiday?’ This children’s book was about a little girl named Shayna and her brother Zac were challenged by their mum to have 21 days of school holidays without a screen.

In 2021, the Walford Year 9 students entered the Challenge, with a range of media including digital, hand colouring and painting. Out of hundreds of entries from schools around Australia, illustrations by six Walford students were chosen to be published in the book! Congratulations to Amelia Wright, Chloé Spears, Eliana Kanelos, Ivy Ogden, Lucy Rice and Zeina Aljawhari.

Emily Button
Head of Visual Arts