Year 6 students Lara and Ellie recently competed for Adelaide South East in the Sapsasa State Carnival for tennis.

“I’ve been playing tennis since I was in Reception and started playing matches in Year 4 in the Walford Southern Districts teams. I really enjoying playing tennis and that’s why I tried out for the district team. Playing for Adelaide South East in the Sapsasa State Carnival was a great experience. We had a fabulous team with some really good players. A highlight for me was beating one particular team on the last day, which we had lost to just the day before.” – Ellie

“I have been playing tennis for around 7 years. I tried out for the Sapsasa district tennis team because I wanted to try new opportunities and play against other people that are around my age and level. The experience at the Sapsasa tennis venue was so fun and challenging, and it helped me improve my tennis skills a lot. One of the highlights from a match was when I played against this really talented girl and she was hard to beat. She really made me use all my energy and play at my best. I really enjoy playing tennis since it’s really fun and you can start at any age and with any ability. Tennis allows you to have fun with your friends and provides you a challenge while playing against other opponents.” – Lara