The Junior School end of year celebrations included the Year 5 Graduation Ceremony and Christmas celebration this week.

It has been a privilege to work alongside our Year 5 girls this year, as leaders of our Junior School, they have truly shown me the way in my first year at Walford. The time that this group of girls has spent in the Junior School was acknowledged on Thursday evening, with each Year 5 student being presented with a personalised certificate and a novel, as a gift from the Junior School, titled ‘The Goodbye Year’. This novel explores the concepts of hope, uncertainty, friendship, and bravery, just like many of us all have had to negotiate, throughout the year that has been 2022. We are so proud of all that our Year 5 girls have achieved and wish them the very best on their next journey, as they venture to Middle School.

Each Walford Junior School girl is encouraged to find her light and shine like a light. This was the theme of our Christmas celebration, that was so perfectly curated by our Specialist Music teacher Mrs Michelle McGill throughout the term and showcased during our matinee and evening performances. Our evening performance also provided us with the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Mrs McGill’s 20 years of bringing the magic of music and performing arts to our Junior School.

How wonderful to welcome the Junior School community to gather in The Heart of Walford, prior to our evening ceremony and performance this week, the first of many growing community events to come. Wishing everyone a safe and happy festive season and holiday break. We look forward seeing everyone and welcoming new families to the Junior School in 2023.

Kate Barber
Head of Junior School