Congratulations to Emily Richardson, who won the ‘Year 10 Sonnet Budding Poet of Year Writing Competition’. She was gifted $50 by the Wells family who, each year donate to the prize, in honour of their mother, the late Eleanor Wells.

Also highly commended for their sonnets were: Abbey Wehr, Athena Tsamandanis, Eliana Kanelos, Michele Sylaidis, Lily Tai, Annalise Hayward.

Well done girls!

Kerri Proctor
Head of English



Walking along the streets of Vietnam,
Where dragon fruit and honking traffic cloak
The memories of destruction and napalm
And war-clouds thick with burning waste and smoke.

Tall temples swelter in the muggy air,
Small laneways boast thick wires and washing lines,
But none forget the sound of shrapnel’s flare
Or the sight of valleys peppered with mines.

Dense crowds with many cigarettes in hand,
The local people dance with life and love.
Deep down are scars from the disfigured land
With craters that reflect the moon above.

Though time may ease the sorrow and the pain,
Still war leaves haunting ghosts that will remain.

by Emily Richardson