Can you help vulnerable South Aussie kids?

Our Camp KickStart December School Holiday Camps are just around the corner and we would appreciate your support!

The Christmas season is particularly hard for the vulnerable and disadvantaged children who, because of the hardship they experience, struggle to see the joy in the festive season like their peers do. That’s why the Camp Kickstart December school holiday care program is so important for kids aged five to thirteen.

The children attending Camp KickStart are in desperate need of NEW summer clothing, pyjamas and shoes. These do not have to be expensive and can cost as little as $3 from Kmart, Big W, Best & Less and Target.

Specific sizes/items of clothing needed are as follows:

Underwear – Girls and boys sizes 5-14
Summer Pj’s – Girls and Boys sizes 6-16
T-shirts – Girls and boys 5-14
Summer dresses– Girls sizes 5-14
Bike shorts – Girls sizes 5-14
Socks – Girls and boys sizes 12 kids to adult 8
Shoes – Girls and boys sizes 12 kids to adult 8



87 James Melrose Rd, Novar Gardens SA 5040
Monday – Thursday between 8:30am & 1:30pm
Please place in the yellow bins located on porch

Alternatively, to make an online donation, please click below.

Every school holidays, over 350 kids attend the camps across five South Australian locations. They provide kids with transport to and from home and excursions with food, books, clothes and fun things to do as well as partnering them with a mentor for extra support and self-esteem building.

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