This year the Junior School celebrated Physical Education Week and enjoyed wearing their PE uniform every day to move, play and dance freely. We celebrated health and well being along with 180 schools in South Australia and over 58,000 students.

Each day began with fifteen minutes of dance and eventually the weather calmed and we were able to go outside in the fresh air. We did partner dances, the macarena, the conga, and aerobic dance choreographed by the Year 5 students. The day began with music and movements that stretched muscles, challenged the brain and demanded coordination. The students began the day alert and breathing deeply, and with smiles on their faces.

At lunchtimes each year level had a turn at riding scooters, bikes or putting on wheels to roll around the netball court. The weather calmed so we were able to be outside and on different days, classes walked to Heywood Park. This beautiful park provided different trees, logs and playground equipment for exploring nature, climbing and some adventure challenge.

Bringing ‘nude food’ every day had families thinking about the packaging which we use every day, packaging that ends up in landfill. Some students took great pride in packing a lunch-box with package free food for the day.

Friday’s ‘Walking school bus’ was also a great way to begin the day and get our hearts pumping, breathe more deeply and to have time in nature.

The Premier’s ‘be active challenge’ medals were received with much delight. These were a reminder of the challenge to be physically active for 60 minutes every day. In term 3 our students completed this challenge for 4 weeks.

Thank you to families for supporting their daughters with the different PE Week challenges. Their energy and smiles were inspirational. It was a wonderful effort also from junior schoolteachers who danced, stretched and walked the extra kilometres encouraging our students to be physically active.


Jan Tregenza
JS PE Teacher