Parents and Carers of the ELC students were invited to the ELC Sports Morning on Wednesday, 9 November, a calm weather day!

All were welcomed by Charmaine Brooks and Jan Tregenza and then dancing to ‘The Hokey Pokey’ began outside on the Junior School court. It was lovely to have some Year 10 helpers for the morning and they joined in the dance also. ELC children dance every week and eventually their parents warmed up and were able to shake their hips too.

The 4 year old children moved into the Sports Centre where they joined with a partner for a baton relay around the two courts. They loved discovering how fast they could run, then sat and reflected how they were feeling and what had changed in their bodies.

Next the children formed into six groups for Action Learning Stations. This is part of the weekly program designed to link movements with learning. Moving on scooter boards, jumping patterns, bouncing and catching large balls, locomotion skills, hitting balloons into the air continuously, tossing and catching scarves with left then right hand, these were the stations through which the groups rotated.

Moving across to the second court the children climbed, rolled, swung, balanced, jumped and crawled through the obstacle course. They proudly showed their parents the many different movement skills they have explored each week.

After a fruit break, the three year olds came into the sports centre for their turn on the obstacle course and action stations, while outside the movement challenges continued for the 4 year olds.

The Sports Morning concluded with thanks and applause for all of the helpers. The young people were then awarded gold medals for a morning of wonderful movement skills, resilience and team work.


Mrs Jan Tregenza
ELC PE Teacher