Our annual special visitors are back in the Early Learning Centre!

The Adamson children have been very excited to welcome hatching chicks back into their classroom. Last week they closely watched the eggs for any sign of a crack and were fortunate to see many eggs hatch in real time. It really is wonderful to see the looks of astonishment and joy on the children’s faces as they see this for the very first time and make the connection between an egg and a live chick.

Having the chicks in the classroom provokes all kinds of wonderings, conversations and questions that encourage and support valuable learning.

The Adamson children are investigating animal homes through their unit of inquiry this term and caring for the chicks has meaningfully reinforced the things that animals need in a home. Observations of the newly hatched chicks keeping warm under the heat lamp and Mrs Albrechtsen’s cleaning and feeding routine have reinforced for the children how they can care for the chicks and what they might need to keep safe.

The Dowie children are currently exploring the concept of change and the hatching chicks have also provided the perfect provocation to examine this first hand. Alongside the real thing, the children have referred to non fiction books and videos to extend their understanding about the lifecycles of various animals.

We have all enjoyed observing the changes as the chicks have grown and especially the opportunity to give them a cuddle.


Amy Albrechtsen and Charmaine Brooks
Early Learning Centre