The girls in Years 9 and 11 who participated in this year’s national ACER Language Certificates have again done very well and have achieved results well above the national average for French. Chinese and Spanish.

As in previous years, the girls completed several reading and listening comprehension activities about a variety of topics and we would like to acknowledge the following students who gained Distinctions placing them in the top 10 percent in Australia.

Special mention must go to the following girls who achieved 2 Distinctions

Laela Kimber-Mair, Mimi Neville, Penny Rong, and an extra special mention to Emily Weir who achieved two High Distinctions,

Congratulations girls!

Certificate 1 Chinese Year 9
1 Distinction
Scarlett Brammy
Sophia Lim
Tanishka Shukla (1 HD)
Isabelle Yoong

Certificate 2 French Year 9
2 Distinctions
Emily Weir (2 HD)
Sophia Figueroa (2 D)
Laela Kimber-Mair (1 HD)
Mimi Neville (1 HD)
Penny Rong (1 HD)

1 Distinction
Cordelia Tonkin
Aurelia Young

Certificate 3 French Year 11
1 Distinction
Mimi Bridgman
Chloé Spears

Certificate 3 Chinese Year 11
2 Distinctions
April Edelsten-Gould


Marlene Jarema
Head of Languages