Police from SAPOL’s Victim Management Team recently spoke with our Year 11 students about reporting sexual assault. This was in response to student questions raised during the Relationship unit undertaken as part of our Wellbeing, Engagement and Belonging (WEB) program.

Sergeants Karin Dayman and Elinor Arblaster very clearly explained the process involved in reporting assaults and the support available for victims. The students appreciated that the information they received was authentic and found the presenters very approachable and understanding of the situations many young women find themselves in as they navigate relationships, parties and peer pressure. Sergeant Dayman and Arblaster emphasised key messages about consent and reinforced that victims are not at fault. They also explained that reporting can be anonymous and that support services such as Yarrow Place are available to help victims to deal with the assault and assist them with the process if they do decide to report further.

We are very grateful to the police for taking the time to deliver this vital information to our students and know from the girls’ responses that they found the session very valuable.

Mrs Yvonne Colsey

Wellbeing Curriculum Coordinator

“[This session was] …very important- especially coming from people in the department that deal with sex crimes. Talking about this topic so openly helps remove stigmas around reporting sex crimes.”

“I feel like we understand how to go about reporting and the processes involved and we can choose to do this or not.”

“[I learned] you can report sexual assault at any point, even years after the initial incident.”

“Coming from police, the information was really credible, and they delivered it in an engaging way so we could concentrate and focus on what they were saying. They also have experienced many different types of sex crimes so could manage their way around different questions.”

“Knowing services like Yarrow Place exist does make me feel more confident about reporting crimes.”

“I now feel more informed and self-assured there is support if needed.”

For information:

Sexual Assault Services:

•           Yarrow Place – phone 8226 8777 or toll-free 1800 817 421 (after hours 8226 8787) for services for rape and sexual assault victims.

•           1800RESPECT – phone 1800 737 732 for sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling.

•           SAPOL – phone 000 for emergencies, 131444 police assistance line, 1800 333 000 Crime Stoppers for anonymous reporting